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TU Delft Dream Team / Designing and engineering the world’s first manned liquid-hydrogen aircraft. #CleanSkies
We updated our website! Have you seen it yet? Head over to and check it out! —— #cleanskies #aviation #sustainability #website #update
CLICKUP —— Building the first liquid hydrogen-powererd aircraft is very challenging, and as you have noticed in our ‘department posts’ our project is very diverse. In order to work together as effectively as possible, factors like planning, communication and documentation are of utmost priority. @clickup_app gives us the tools to be able to make this project work fluently, and we can happily recommend this software program to every organisation that is working on complex projects! —— #cleanskies #hydrogen #organisation #aircraft #projectmanagement #sponsor
✨ where the magic happens ✨ —— For over a year we can call the @ddreamhall our home. First only with an office, but in October 2019 we also opened a workshop in this impressive building. Come and say hi whenever you are around! —— #cleanskies #sustainability #aviation #workshop #dreamhall #tudelft
AeroDelft's Chief Engineer Olga Lubbers was interviewed by newspaper @trouw.deverdieping about an optimistic view of the future! Hydrogen will play a huge role in halving aviation emissions by 2050. See our link in bio for the full article (in Dutch). —— #hydrogen #aviation #news #cleanskies #sustainability #optimistic
KEYSHOT —— Our plane is not finished yet. But thanks to Keyshot’s amazing animation software we are able to show you guys in detail what our aircraft will look like from the in- and outside! Thanks for supporting us @keyshot3d ! —— #cleanskies #animation #sustainability #aircraft #sunset #3dmodeling #rendering #renders #software #sponsor
Last month Olga and Helge pitched our project at Lufthansa’s Changemaker Challenge in Frankfurt! Unfortunately, we did not win, but being amongst the 6 finalists and being able to present our concept to top officials of @lufthansa , @uber , @google and @expedia was an amazing experience. It was great to see so many creative solutions to tackle climate change and meet other passionate young people. We would also like to congratulate @socialbnb on winning the award! —— #cleanskies #changemakerchallenge #sustainability
RHIA —— The last partner we highlight in 2019 is @rotterdamthehagueairport !! The airport has enriched us with the privilege of letting our first full scale flight take off from their soil in 2022! —— #aviation #cleanskies #sustainability #airport #sustainableflying #sponsor
Looking back on our Partner Event brings a smile on our faces. Even more watching this aftermovie. We are stoked to have partners who believe in us, and give us the resources to make our dreams become reality. Interested to be part of our journey? Do not hesitate to contact us! —— #cleanskies #partners #aviation #hydrogen #sustainability #climatechange #zeroemissions
AIRTECH —— We are very happy to have partnered up with @airtech_official . They provide us with all the consumeables we need for our 'wet layup' and 'vacuum infusion' composite production processes, which makes it possible for us to build our lightweight composite airframe! In the video you see the last preparations for the vacuum bagging of the airframe ✈️ —— #aviation #cleanskies #wetlayup #sustainability #tudelft #aircraft #sponsor
Meet PROPULSION! —— Did you know our liquid hydrogen must be stored at minus 253 degrees Celsius? The propulsion department’s main focus is providing a leakproof system for safely storing and heating the hydrogen, to feed it to the fuel cell in gaseous form. This is a huge challenge because of the low temperatures at which the hydrogen must be kept. Left to right: Karel Roman, Felice ten Voorde, Marek Homola, Pim de Boer, Luc Boerboom Missing in the picture: Tota De Hauwere, Varvara Isidorova —— #hydrogen #cleanskies #aviation #sustainability #propulsion