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My kids went all the way off! Back to back Junior Division champions for @thebridgedance ! Way to go @aptfam and huge shoutout to the brother @jason.rillera and team mom @iamsmalls for holding it down!
@aptfam 2018/2019
Your 2018 @nycda National Senior Critics’ Choice! We are so excited and can’t wait to come back next year. This one is for everyone back home, especially @companyfam and @wspadalycity!
Long overdue with this pic! Can't wait to see what this year has in store for us!
So much talent in one picture! An Urban Paradise for the books @aptfam x @kinjaz
I know I'm super late but here it is. It's so scary posting. sorry I like eat my mouth. @faaaiiitttthhh #aptmoves
I Wanna Be // @jdefiesta21 #aptmoves
FWU- kehlani @hess_da_mess #aptmoves
@dazapasta sflr, I didn't know how to cut videos 😅 #aptmoves