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Free Lightroom presets! 📸🆓🎉 I’m giving away our 5 most popular filters for free to celebrate @rovencetravel watches launching next week on #kickstarter 🚀🕒 (November 4th) ↡ Download link in bio and IG stories! 💯 Hope you get a lot of use out of them!!! ⌚️✈️ (swipe for a before and after) #timefortravel
Swipe right to see the scale of this place ➡️⛪️⛰🚁 @rovencetravel
I failed 🏅⬅️ that’s my participation trophy😁 I set a 30 day Kickstarter goal for 20k. It fell short, only hitting 65% (which is still pretty good and I can’t thank everyone who backed us enough)! But Kickstarter is all or nothing, so... we end up with nothing! 0️⃣ ⠀ Here’s the thing... my attitude in life has always been to embrace failure. Who cares that we didn’t hit our goal the first time around. We’ll try again! “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take” 🚀 ⠀ So after a month of feedback from you guys, we’ve made some necessary changes to the design and we’ll be relaunching the Kickstarter November 4th! ⌚️✈️ ⠀ Let’s be real, everyone is out there just trying to enjoy their own lives and I genuinely mean it when I say I really do appreciate everyone who has taken the time to support Devon and I throughout this entire process. Our goal from the beginning was to create a travel watch that inspires you to travel more. Our new motto is: “time is short #travelmore” 😉🗺🕒 @rovencetravel
1, 2 or 3? 🌅🚁🏰 (swipe for more)! If you plan to visit Dublin, you really should spend some time exploring the smaller towns around the area. Cobh and Kilkenny were our favorites (just a quick and easy train ride away)! Also remember to check out the @rovencetravel Kickstarter campaign if you have a few moments ✈️😁
Did you know, the name Rovence was inspired by one of our favorite places in the world 🌎 the lavender fields of Provence, France! 🇫🇷✈️ We actually came up with the idea for the first minimalist GMT dual time travel watch while we were 🚙 road tripping through France (two years ago)! ⠀ Kickstarter goes live next Tuesday (September 24th)! The first early backers get a massive discount 🤭 you can get notified by checking out the link in our bio 📲⌚️✈️ @rovencetravel
I have a PSA. Bali is amazing (hence why I spent almost 3 months living there), but I’ll be honest... I like Eastern Europe more 🤭 I have no idea why more people don’t travel Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, etc. They’re all crazy cheap and beautiful countries. So all my peeps from the States 🇺🇸 ➡️ buy a cheap plane ticket on Norwegian air, rent a car for $15 a day from, pick out some awesome and cheap Airbnb’s and have yourself a great freaking time in Europe for less than $100 a day👌🏼 ⠀ Remember, watches go live September 24th! Link in bioooooooooooo ⌚️😁✈️
After a year of this project consuming my entire existence, I’m excited to share the first EVER minimalistic GMT dual time travel watch 😁🎊⌚️✈️ ⠀ Long story short - Devon and I spent all of 2016 traveling to 35+ countries across 4 continents. It was almost impossible to keep up with the constant time changes, so we started looking at GMT watches (which allow you to tell time in two independent time zones). ⠀ The problem with all the current GMT watches are quality ones cost thousands of dollars, they’re extremely bulky (12-14mm thick), they require complicated math or turning of a bulky outside bezel and as Devon will tell you... they also aren’t made for women!!!!! ⠀ I’ve always been obsessed with watches, so I started designing my own high-quality and affordable one. I can’t describe in words how much I’ve learned throughout this entire process. From engineering to manufacturing to distribution to business relationships... it’s been extremely difficult at times, but looking back on it the journey was worth it. No joke, I left out on NOTHING when it comes to using the best materials. Swiss made movement, 316L stainless steel (same stuff NASA uses in their rocket ships), sapphire crystal glass (what Rolex uses), diamond cut hands and indexes, leather straps, etc. Anyway, I’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign for pre-orders next week! Retail price is $199, but for the Kickstarter pre-launch we’re listing them for $100 😱😁 In the meantime, check out my stories later today for some behind the scenes pics of us designing the watches over the last year!
How to get clients that pay 2-3k a month. Part 4 of this little “freelancing” series I ended up doing 😁 So in part 3, I mentioned one of the most important concepts is understanding that people look at money differently. When it comes to freelancing work this is the holy grail of shit you need to remind yourself. The secret, that literally NO ONE talks about, is how to go after the right clients. Where the hell do you find these people? Well, lucky for me, Devon just so happened to work at a public library back in the days while I was still in medical school 😂 (good times) and she had access to a lot of information. So, you need to use a database. It’s that simple. We used her library card to access Reference USA - a database that has an INSANE amount of information on every business in America (since it collects tax reports and business filings each year on every business). I’m sure if you live in a different country there are public resources as well that collect information on local businesses. It’s pretty simple once you know this trick. Just pick and chose the filters for people you want to target. For example, I’d choose 5-10 million a year in sales, 50k+ a year in advertising budget, 10-500 employees (bigger local companies often outsource their marketing), only in Florida, etc etc... Then you get a list of businesses and you go directly to their website, find the email address or phone number of whoever seems to be most in charge and reach out. For a few weeks I literally drove around in my car going in person to these businesses. Don’t be a little baby, just do it 😁
This was our second time exploring Mont Saint-Michel and it was actually even more amazing this time around! If you missed my stories, no joke less than an hour after I took this photo the entire beach was underwater! (Swipe right for some iPhone vids 😁) ⠀ Also side note - I was talking with Devon about our favorite places/countries in the world and here are my current top 5... ⠀ 1️⃣ Lake bled, Slovenia 🇸🇮 (and the surrounding mountains) ⠀ 2️⃣ Japan 🇯🇵 (the entire country) ⠀ 3️⃣ Hong Kong 🇭🇰 ⠀ 4️⃣ Mont Saint-Michel, France 🇫🇷 ⠀ 5️⃣ The Italian Dolomites 🇮🇹 ⠀ Croatia 🇭🇷 (the entire country) and New Zealand are close runner-ups 😁. And in terms of living... I could 100% see myself spending a few years in Budapest, Hungary 🇭🇺 ⠀ Also I honestly don’t know why I like Slovenia so much... Maybe it’s because I feel like it’s insanely underrated ✈️🌎 Have an amazing weekend everyone! 🙌🏼
Freelancing part 3: ⠀ So, in my last two posts I talked about how you need to stick to ONE skill set at first. Remember, SEO is my personal favorite with an average monthly retainer of 2,000USD-3,000USD. ⠀ But, how the hell do you find someone who will pay you 2-3k a month? ⠀ This was the most frustrating thing out of EVERYTHING I had to deal with. Literally, NO ONE has any useful or relevant info on how to find clients. So, today I want to cover 3 important concepts and in my next posts I’ll talk specifics about how to find and reach out to them. ⠀ Concept #1: First, it’s important to realize that people look at money differently. ⠀ To someone, $500 a month for SEO services is insanity. How the hell could they afford Five. Hundred. Dollars. PER MONTH! ⠀ To someone else, for the EXACT same SEO services, $5,000 a month is the greatest deal they ever heard! 5 thousand dollars?! That’s it?! Our last agency was charging 20 grand!!!!!!! ⠀ If you end up getting too many “$500 a month?!” clients you’ll quickly drown yourself with being overworked and underpaid. ⠀ Concept #2: There are a LOT of businesses with a LOT of money. And you probably don’t know what half of them do. ⠀ If I were to ask you “name 3 professions where someone has a lot of money” there is a pretty good chance you’ll include: 1. Doctors 2. Lawyers or 3. Dentists. ⠀ But when you start to filter businesses based on annual revenue (I’ll talk about that later) you’ll be amazed at how many companies you didn’t even know existed are making millions of dollars a year - providing services you know nothing about. ⠀ Concept #3: It’s a numbers game. I feel like most people know this, but they never apply this concept. You need to understand you’ll be turned down, a LOT! That’s ok though, it literally only takes one or two clients before you can comfortably sustain your lifestyle, even travel if you want! ⠀ In my next post I’ll talk specifics about using databases to filter “good clients” from “bad clients” and how to reach out to the good clients. ⠀ Hope you’re finding this interesting/useful!