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✨💫🌟🌙 a box full of beautiful ornaments! It’s a fun gift to give as it also gives new stories and references to moments in time. I know that in our house, each ornament brings back vivid memories... many have survived the journey from childhood... and now with our son, we are creating that all over again. The Christmas box comes out and we think of loved ones, past celebrations and the year the tree fell down and all broke but a couple 😭🤯😰👿😂 Anyways, ornaments are fun... give them as a gift, they will bring huge smiles ❤️❤️❤️
“What’s inside!!?” she asked... ohhh the excitement 💫💥✨ We are here all week to help you find just the right gift for your loved ones. Open today through Wednesday, regular hours, closed Thursday and back at it at 9 am Friday ❤️ come visit! It’s festive and fun in here 🎄🎄🎄
Et voilà, this photo series concludes here... there are more photos on our blog. ❤️ Thank you for following along, and thank you for all your support of our small shop. My mom and I truly can’t thank you enough. To turn on the lights every day (figuratively AND literally) is such a gift. Our shop comes from a place of true passion and love. Every day we can see you in the shop, talk to you on the phone or through email... dream up a photo series, go hunting for special things, design another dress, we feel so fortunate. We are surrounded by such kindness and beauty ... in the relationships we have with all our incredible friends and clients, collaborators and the designers and artists we work with.... and in all the humanity and beauty felt in the handmade pieces in our shop. Thank you for supporting also all these incredible artists and designers- making the world a more interesting place, one piece at a time ❤️ We hope you are all enjoying getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday... treasure the time with family and friends. We ❤️ you!
Mysterious appearances in the sky ✨pouf✨ Mask from Peru, hat from Japan, girl from Tucson 💫
If you were to ask us what to wear to a special event, THIS is it!! Cashmere sweater and crinkled cotton skirt from Apunto b. Stunning. The skirt has a matching coat, shown in our stories today ❤️ all pieces are available at the shop.
Bon Puff Dress ❤️ and wool felted hat from Japanese designer Pcnq ❤️ this hat is fantastic- it has a matching felted wool chin strap that keeps your ears warm too! It is available in our online shop.
Patent leather in the dirt. Our kind of juxtaposition for the journey down the road ❤️
And so very excited for this dress to arrive as it has been long in the works! ❤️ Made of a very fine and crisp Japanese typewriter cloth that does everything we could ask for! We’ll let you know when it arrives in the next couple of weeks ❤️ Shown with a black wool shawl that is also so lovely. In other news, the shop is brimming with beautiful gifts ideas, new bedding and textiles and oh dear so many new special things. We have been unpacking maniacs for the last two weeks ❤️ come see all the holiday goodies this weekend ❤️ a giant thank you to @heatherlightwalker for playing with us and our stuntman @tannokimon ❤️ you both!
flower power 🌼
Don and John from @patchnyc work with John’s mom Yasuko to make these beautiful crocheted flower pins. We had these in our shop years ago and were dreaming of them again only to find out that they were in the works for this year! Serendipitous dreaming ❤️ We show one here with one of our new Bon dresses that will be coming soon 🎉