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not music merch but so zeitgeist-y, i couldn’t resist showing off 😝 plus, i have a sick mj anecdote!! the year is 2015 and michael jordan is in paris to attend @quai54wsc when @magaliclochette from @nike calls me up about a special dj set... they’d like me to dj all evening for the dinner mj is hosting at l’hôtel de ville de paris 😳only vips in attendance, skepta, lily allen, oliver rousteing, emmanuel perrotin etc. and a surprise live performance by the one and only @sampha ... at this point, i was on the brink of a heart attack! (cc @caiuspawson knows) - the brief was simple: mj loves r&b baby!!! the sit down dinner turned into a party and somehow @stephane_ashpool convinced everyone- even mj - to follow him to @charaftajer ‘s le pompon to party on all night long. i’ll let you imagine the mayhem that ensued! that week was one of the best paris party moment ever, a lot of friends from overseas were in town (@brittneyscott @chippyxnonstop @willoperron @djmoxie 🌹 ), it was summery and hella fuuuun! oh also mj came up to me with his cigar in his mouth to shake my hand cos he thought i killed it so there’s that 💁🏻‍♀️ fast forward to 2019, he’s attending another nike throwdown. this time i brought my space jam tee to ask him to sign it. he remembered me (yeah right) hugged me and when i pulled the sharpie out he took three steps back “ohhh naaah” 🤣🤣🤣 i tried!! anyways, huge thank yous to @magaliclochette @alexsossah @vladimirramsaylevi @nike for making this kid’s dreams feel within reach 🏀 ps: still have my 90s collection of nba cards and my phoenix suns 6 panel cap ok?