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This is the embodiment of the “in between”⁠—neither black nor white, both weightless and weighted, neither here nor there. We exist in the shades of nuance between jet black and optic white. No policies, and the way it was done before, the gatekeepers of mind, insecurities, and the thought of ever wishing to be safe. We want painful. We want joyous. We want splendor. We want gloom. Hopes to be a small sliver of light even in the darkest of dark. (Re)defining the gray area.
Part of City Fog’s future looks like this. (Re)define collection dropping Monday 11/25 9AM PST.
The voice gets louder everyday.
Creating the next chapter now.
We have no grand design, this is a labor of love. 📷 @zerodisplacement
Diggin’ through the archives
New things will come in due time. We are cooking something up that ambitious as it is urgent and completely necessary. For the first time fully realizing a vision we had from conception to finished product. This already has fangs and we have no idea what is to come of it, but believe it WON'T BE DULL.
Our classic knit beanie, not doused in artificial sugar to the point of saccharine overdose.
Welcome to the best thing you never knew you needed.
There goes the neighborhood.