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So far we’ve done Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Will Bristol top them all tonight? Tough competition but let’s find out 👊🏼 @the_crofters_rights
Our UK tour officially starts tomorrow 🔥 it’s gonna be amazing ticket links and dates in our bio SEE YOU TOMORROW LEEDS
You don’t even want to know how much fun we’re having over here! And the shows haven’t even started yet 😈😈
Sydney in all your spooky glory ❤️❤️ Shot by @mayaluana
We’re in the UK exploring until our tour starts over here next week. Absolutely loving it and can’t wait to visit: Leeds - 23rd Nov Manchester - 24th Nov Glasgow - 25th Nov Bristol - 26th Nov London - 27th Nov
💚 New Age video 💚 Out now!
The Spooky Pageant Tour has closed for business. We thank all the sweethearts that made it out to one of the shows. Now onwards and upwards ☄️ The UK tour is coming straight for us
The last show of the Spooky Pageant Tour wraps up tonight @theoxfordartfactory in Sydney 🕸 It’s been a thrilling run so far and our hearts are exploding for the hometown finale Come see the supports 🔥@eagle.eye.jones @thevitriots
Thank you all for rocking out to New Age. Here is a live version for the days when you don’t even try to make the house look lived in ❤️ Watch the full version on Facebook/Youtube now.