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Congratulations to @omarihardwickofficial for a fabulous birthday gift— @naacp nomination well deserved.
Congratulations to @50cent on his directing nomination for Episode 603! He better win, that’s all I have to say.
About to embark on a long journey together... #tbt to @omarihardwickofficial and I in @cannescity for the international premiere of the @power_starz pilot, April 2014. Happy Birthday to our extremely talented Number One!
Happy Birthday @omarihardwickofficial Here’s a little #tbt to shooting the pilot of Power, running lines with @naturi4real on set...
POWER fans! If you missed our return on Sunday, catch up on the @starz app. Thoughts on the last episode? #PowerTV
Today is the day. Watch the premiere of Power’s Final Episodes TONIGHT at 8PM E/P on STARZ. #WhoShotGhost #PowerTV
A message to the #power to fans out there... a hint for what to expect tonight at midnight and for the last five episodes... until book 2, book 3, and beyond.... #powerneverends #powertv #whoshotghost
MOOD for 2020: I’ve got a lot to learn, but I’m gonna STUNT while I do it. Photo repost @hollywood_ric
Happy New Year, #powertv fans! It’s been an amazing decade and none of it would have happened without you! #powertv #fanappreciation #gratitude #whoshotghost #idid
A lot can happen in a year