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Deola Adebiyi
Omoge Pemperempe! 😏 Music and Digital Content Editor @uduxmusic 📍| Lagos, Nigeria 📩| 💻| Links to videos, blog posts and more 👇🏾
Would kill and sacrifice anything (and anyone tbh) to be next to a pool in a tiny bikini, drinking & dancing like I haven’t got a care in the world 😭
If you want it, say so 😌😏 What lip is your favorite? . Lip 1 @milanicosmeticsng lip liner in ‘Fuchsia’ @maybelline lipstick in ‘Hot Plum’ Lip 2 @blushkrushcosmetics liquid lipstick in ‘Rum Cake’ @maccosmetics lipstick in ‘All I Want’ Lip 3 @zaroncosmetics lipliner in ‘Red Vines’ @maccosmetics lipgloss in ‘Push Some Buttons’ Lip 4 @kuddycosmetics Creamy Kajal Liner @blackopalbeauty lipstick in ‘Berry Wicked’ @zaroncosmetics lipgloss in ‘Amethyst’
A few people have asked me how I made my backdrop for my last few videos and photos so here it is! It’s really easy but stressful & I hope it’s helps someone out there 😁
‘Sweatpants’ by Childish Gambino is one of my all time favorite rap songs so the idea to do something with it has always been in my head. Wasn’t sure about posting this video cos the makeup transitions in the middle weren’t that obvious (blended face - highlight - blush) but it’s still a cute video so here it it 😁
You guys can thank @heycocopops for this video 😂 She begged me to do a makeup transformation video and this is what I came up with. Enjoy! . Yellow dress - @denikeonline Song - Dictator by Rei Ami
Putting together this backdrop was mad depressing - hardly any positive news articles. I worked as the online editor for a major paper and I get negative news is what sells but mhen, I didn’t know newspapers were mostly all bad news now. Is this indicative of how bad things are in Nigeria or did I just happen to pick the worst days? 🤔 (These newspapers are from Nov/Dec 2019)
I think everyone knows at this point that denim is one of my favorite things to wear. There's just an element of 'cool' & 'edginess' denim items bring to an outfit. Here are some of my favorite denim pieces styled in different ways. Which would you wear? . Jacket - @sheinofficial Shirt - @saintsalemworld Pants - @happygoluckylagos . Trench - @j2four Dress - Thrift . White dress (worn as top) - thrift Skirt - thrift . Top - thrift shorts (made from jeans) - thrift
Tell the aunties I’m a bad bitch 😏
“After women, flowers are the most divine creations.” - Christian Dior . I know you guys must be tired of these flowers but don’t worry, I got something new coming 😌
I told Edwin today - ‘I’m finally pushing myself to execute the ideas that sit in my head.’ The voices in my head have stopped me from doing so much but now, I’m ignoring them and doing whatever I like 😌