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Fun podcast with @muscleandfitness talking about how I got started with @dangerusswilson and day to day training. Thanks for having me on the show! LINK IN BIO!
Access to KB’s? Try this lower body workout. A1) KB (elevated heels) goblet squat 3x8-10 A2) Smash ball squat jumps 3x8 B1) Heavy KB deadlift 3x10 B2) SL Glute Bridge raise 3x15 C1) KB Rack step ups 3x8 each C2) Elevated split squat holds with rotational MB slams 3x8 each Added: sandbag rack to step up Finisher: bodyweight 20 squats>40 alt lunges (subtract 1 from every squat and 2 from every lunge each set until 1 squat and 2 lunges)
Give this at home CORE WORKOUT a try. 6️⃣exercises. 3️⃣ rounds 1. Side Plank Crunch x15 each 2. Russian Twists x20 each side 3. V-up to Crunch x15 4. Plank w/ oppo reach x15 each 5. Heel Touches x20 each 6. ISO Crunch Holds (press hands into quads) x30 seconds
Happy birthday QB1. Love you brother. @dangerusswilson
These were a few of my favorite and more challenging exercises from the past few months. If you’re up for it, give it a try and tag me @deckerdavis_fit
Loading up on weight today...not fortnite 😂
Practice what you preach. Not done yet! On to SF. @dangerusswilson @hecostix
Halloween special: upper body push/pull 🕷🕸🦇👨🏼‍🌾🐢
Everyone is an athlete to some degree. It can do your body good to train like one. Here are a few fun exercises from today: 1. T bar squat press 3x10 2. Band resisted squat jumps 3x10 3. KB falling lunges 3x8 each 4. Single leg seated box jumps 3x4 each 5. Med ball squat jump slam to split squat press throw 3x4 each 6. Single leg wall sit kick outs 3x15 each
From the bottom up! Find 2 KB’s in your weight range. 6 reps on each leg with a overhead press in every rep. Keep the core engaged.