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The Future Of Possible.
#StayHomeStayCreative with @jovi_travel and #MavicMini! Swipe for BTS 🏡💡 • “Now that we’ve stayed home for several weeks and won’t be able to travel any time soon we were asking ourselves how we could still create content that goes along with our previous travel photographs… So we have followed #DJI‘s call to stay creative while staying at home and did a lot of brainstorming the past week to develop some ideas of how we could kind of combine being at home safe & sound with taking pictures outdoors in a fun & creative way and we noticed it’s actually pretty easy: we just need to move our home outside.”
The Matrice 300 RTK, DJI’s flagship commercial drone platform, features a flight time of up to 55 minutes, 6 Directional Sensing & Positioning, support for up to 3 payloads simultaneously and more. Built to reinvent the way you work, the M300 RTK combines industry leading airborne intelligence with unrivaled reliability. The Zenmuse H20 Series, with its wide-angle camera, 23x optical zoom camera, thermal camera and a laser rangefinder, is the optimal match for the M300 RTK. Put together, the Matrice 300 RTK and Zenmuse H20 Series reimagine what it means for tools to be tough, reliable and intelligent.
LA - 8:49 PM We reached out to @nathan_mcb to see if he would shoot some visuals for Mavic Air 2's launch campaign. What follows is what he came up with... 🎥 • 🎵: @fluxpavilion - 'I Will Stay'
🏡💡Check out @jordi.koalitic’s 6 Creative Tricks to shoot at home with #OsmoAction #StayHomeStayCreative
Capture and transform those unforgettable moments this Mother’s Day. Discover more about our Gift Box that includes the Osmo Mobile 3 combo, a high-quality digital photo frame, and a 8GB SD card. It’s available for a limited time until May 10! Click the link in bio ⬆️
“Today I decided to capture a typical day in isolation using an action camera. I wanted to capture each part of my day in a POV style using the #DJI #OsmoAction to capture some unique perspectives and angles.
Watch until the end 😂 Behind the scenes of how @jessewelle got his hands on the #MavicAir2.
We’re teaming up with @moment and @andyto to award 3 winners an Osmo Mobile 3 and $250 to the @moment shop. Post a mobile cinematic slo-mo video, inspired by the master himself, @andyto. MUST be shot on a phone, must be a new upload. Follow @djiglobal, @andyto, and @moment. Use the hashtag #DjixMoment. Winner(s) announced next Wednesday. Tell your friends. ⬇️
Experience the beauty of Turkey through the lens of @bekartravels and his #MavicAir2 Click the link in bio to learn more ⬆️
Go behind the scenes with @peterlindgren1 as he shows you how to shoot a short film by yourself with the #OsmoAction. #StayHomeStayCreative