Well,this Meme of whoever this is pictured is going around. Finally a dental one popped up on my feed. Pretty darn 😆. Our dental hygienist @toothflosser and @missymarbear work hard to get your teeth 🦷 and gums healthy. Educating our patients daily on the proper techniques of brushing and flossing. #rocklindentist #lincolndentist #rosevilledentist #placercountydentist #sacramentodentist #committedtoexcellence #cosmeticdentistry #implantdentistry #digitaldentistry #cerec #cerecprimescan #onevisitdentistry #nomoretemporaries #onlythebestforourpatients #usethefloss #healthygumsdontbleed #gottacleanthecracktoo Swipe ⬅️
It’s a just a measily 2000++ degrees Fahrenheit. 🥵 Great morning of making one visit crowns. 💪🏼 🦷😷
Happy Halloween from all of us Dr Jon’s! Wishing you all a fun and safe evening of Trick or Treating! 🎃 👻 🍬 🎃
The learning continues. Level 2 Cerec training. Grabbing a whole bunch of tidbits to take back to the office. Never been to Arizona before either. Pretty nice out here.
Good news! Power is on and we are working. We’re crossing our fingers for this afternoon though when the winds are allegedly picking up.
Well, we don’t know what’s happening but we want to give our patients a heads up that we might not have power at the office tomorrow due to the potential PG&E outage. We don’t know anything definitively like everyone else but we are planning on being here unless told otherwise. Good luck everyone.
Team meeting time!! Check out our new full team! 🤗 🦷😷
Cold 🥶 air is coming!!! We’re not talking about the weather but rather the temps in our office building. A major part in the building’s semi sized unit on the roof blew out. Thankfully a crane 🏗 and the part was found today to get us back up and running by tomorrow. Without it the conditions in our second floor space was absolutely unbearable. We apologize for any inconvenience! 🙏🏼 #backinbusiness #toohottotrot
The blessing of my career is being able to make a difference. Delivered Natasha’s new smile yesterday and got this today from her. 🎉🤗😄😇😁 #niceshirt