Erin Hover
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Erin Hover
My last Teen Vogue cover. So grateful this brand has always been a place to support the most talented emerging photographers. Working with @juliettecassidy was a perfect end to an amazing 7 years at Teen Vogue.
We went to Florida for the day to shoot Coco Gauff. Canโ€™t imagine someone better to capture this moment than @camilafalquez.
The most magical last meal in London with biciclettas and petit lucques
Lancaster Hotel
Missing California already
Thank you @ronanksm for making the most beautiful photos๐Ÿ’™ and to the team for always making it happen @lpeopleswagner @jackamomooo @corbourke
Maggie Rogers by the wonderful @peterashlee and the rest of the dream team @jaimekaywaxman @edwardlampley @laurastiassni. Thank you thank you @lpeopleswagner @jackamomooo @corbourke
Lil Nas X by the amazing @camilafalquez. Thank you thank you @camilafalquez @henson @naivashaintl @lpeopleswagner @jackamomooo @corbourke
Camila by @wailintse Thank you thank you @wailintse @shibonleigh @amber_duarte @homasafar @betina_goldstein @lpeopleswagner @jackamomooo @cailanoc