Elisa-Maria Vittoria Torres
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Elisa-Maria Vittoria Torres
When no sun’s out, cardamom buns out @circusbakeryparis @lefooding
Fall in full swing 🍁
πŸ“45 Rue de Saintonge, Paris
Outtakes from a dreamy weekend in stunning Big Sur celebrating @brittlizmill as she married her forever love. Or simply stated, just a bunch of cry babies getting our bestie married πŸ’›πŸ˜­πŸ’›#alittlernb #alotofhappytears
The California coast bathed in its best light #unreal
Everything everyone says about weddings is true - they are the best days and they absolutely fly by. I still love seeing photos and clips, remembering moments we had forgotten from our weekend in Mallorca. Swipe to see a little window into our wedding and a few of the special people who made it magic.
Adios Agosto #paisvasco #masbelladeespana
Come July, Madrid empties out as most escape the heat and concrete for the coast. Sure, Madrid is super hot right now, and, yes, most of the people we know are away on some amazing holiday, but there are the simple joys of a nearly empty city. No fighting over a tiny patch of overcrowded beach, finding a window seat at your favorite cafe isn’t a problem, and the few who actually stay behind seem friendlier and more open to talk to each other, even if it’s just to complain about the heat.
Moved to France, only freelancing, stopped wearing a bra πŸ€™πŸΌ