Fiat United Kingdom
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Fiat United Kingdom
Meet the icon leading the pack, the Fiat 500. πŸ“·@pixelstories._ We love sharing your Fiat pics! Share your pics with the #losethelabels to feature.
The Fiat 500, the ultimate style carried through the ages. πŸ“· @garethsgallery #FiatUK
The Fiat 500 looks good in any colour.. What colour is your Fiat? Let us know in the comments below. πŸ“·@george_in_london #losethelabels #fiat500
Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane?
Fiat, a timeless classic. Join us at the London to Brighton Veteran car run in Brighton tomorrow! Can you guess which logo is our oldest?
There’s a Fiat for everyone, what colour is yours? πŸ“· @welldriven
Throwback to sunnier times with the Fiat 500. #500πŸ“· @scottvsphoto #fiat #losethelabels
The Fiat 500 is looking good in blue. What colour is your Fiat 500, let us know in the comments below. πŸ“·@janemorrice #losethelabels #fiat500
Never one to be outdone, the Fiat 500. πŸ“· #losethelabels #fiat500
A classic since 1957. #Fiat500 πŸ“· @luigi.blu #fiat #losethelabels