Frauke - made in Germany🏕
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Frauke - made in Germany🏕
📸 Adventure | Outdoors | Travel and Lifestyle Photographer 🌊raised in Rostock 🌞based in Leipzig, Germany Prints and presets ⬇️
Morning walks around places close to home. 🍂
Throwback to one of my favorite days on the lofoten islands. Started this hike with heavy winds and hail pouring down on us. Arrived at the beach and almost wanted to turn around just when the sky opened up and rewarded us with the dreamiest calm sunset. 💕🇳🇴
If this is a dream don’t wake me up☁️
Favorite memories from exploring my home away from home: Canada. If you guys didn’t know I used to live in Vancouver on a work and travel Visa after school. 😊 Biggest thank you to @klm for making this journey possible once again. I fly with them quite often and always sleep like a baby as soon as we are above the clouds. They also celebrated their 100th anniversary a couple months back and give you ideas and tips on how to fly more responsible. Definitelyworth taking a look at: ✈️ (Werbung)
Hey Iceland, what’s cracking? ✨🥶 channeling my inner Elsa today and dreaming about snow covered landscapes. ❄️
Somewhere high above the clouds☁️✨
I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.🌲
Beautiful Braies. ✨ Crazy how empty this place is once you walk away a couple feet from the boat house.
Just realized that fall has come to an end. Already dreaming about camping and hiking season. ✨
Golden sunsets in Georgia ✨ Arrived back home last night but already miss the variety of landscapes this country has to offer. 🗺 See you again! @georgiatravel #georgiatravel #georgiatravelmoments (Werbung)