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GASIUS AW19 - The G Files Film by @ohiana_summerangel Sound by @kokomiyagi Big up ya chest hairs @__sporadic__
TOMORROW NIGHT. New publication with @lucas__dillon,Launch Party: Wed 16th 19:00 - 22:00pm. Then open: Fri 18th - Sat 19th 13.00 - 20:00pm @flesh.tyo Harajuku Royal Building 302, Jingumae 3-38-11 Shibuya Tokyo. Limited to 50 copies only. Published by @puresudetokyo
New Shit
‘It Just Merged Into 1 Thing’. Mine and @leon_sadler ‘s new book, published by @calmandpunkgallery / Gasbook 100 pages full colour available to buy @calmandpunkgallery over this weekend and a wee exhibition of the drawings we made for the book. And for anyone not in Tokyo, there is a link to buy in @calmandpunkgallery bio, or in a few stores globally in the following weeks. But books are going fast, only 150 made. ... It was a fully collaborative project, to the point where people will not be able to tell whose work is which. We worked super closely together, making everything in Tokyo. Sometimes he would draw my characters, sometimes we would draw half a character each, and sometimes I would use his characters how I was processing mine. IJMI1 THING!
Me and @medicom_toy have made a Crying Dog @goodhood spesh. Final edition of 10 only and a few AP’s if your lucky. Goodhood are making a list, add your name.
It’s the final week of mine and @haunted_horfee show. @calmandpunkgallery Tokyo Town. Pathetic Bubble 3. BATS IN THE CAVVVVVVE.
Stoked to be part of this show @parceltokyo with good Squuudz @haunted_horfee @zbiok @toddjamesreas @stachuszumski & @diego7a14 Opening this Saturday 1st June 18:00 -21:00 Curated by @side_core_tokyo
Opening This Friday 17th @calmandpunkgallery Me n @haunted_horfee have a show.
Made this Alley Cat incense burner with The Good Dudes @thegoodcompany . LIVE LIVE LIVE. The print graphic was made with the sketches used to make the ceramic. Small Numbers. Also available @minnnanoo Japan