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RUN goodr
All right, all right, all right….we see that glazed look in your eyes…and we know it's not simply fatigue from that early morning workout. Looks like someone has been taking a big hit from the sweet stuff. Of course, we are talking donuts. No judgement here, everyone deserves a donut or seven, which is exactly why you should resolve to continue eating those fried dough circles in 2020. Hell, take “playing drums whilst naked” off your “no” list and move it to your “yes” list while you are at it. ⁣ ⁣ All right?! All right.⁣ ⁣ All right.⁣ ___________⁣ #run #runner #5k #10k #halfmarathon #marathon #ultramarathon #runningwithfriends #runningswag
Carl's clearly a doctor-level health expert. What he clearly isn't, is a badger. What's also unclear, is the ratio of human to flamingo he is. But, no one's judging that and it's basically unimportant and pretty off-topic so stop throwing us off the point here. Follow along with this week's Anti-Resolution Phase to hone your senses while filling up on iced donuts. Deep down, it's what we all know we want to be doing this new year; sharpening our badger-like sense of smell.⁣ ____________⁣ #run #runner #5k #10k #halfmarathon #marathon #ultramarathon #runningswag
⁣ Remember back when you got sugar highs? Neither do we. Now whenever you eat a 2-pound donut you just sit there questioning all your life choices and wondering what you were thinking. Guess that's a sugar low. Wah wah. But, no more! With these blue icing donut glasses you can be Glazed and Confused all day without any of the self-hating. ⁣ ___________⁣ #run #runner #5k #10k #halfmarathon #marathon #ultramarathon #runningwithfriends
How can one resist the siren's song of that truck, the nostril tingling scent of waffle cones, or the seductive sight of that swirl of ice cold cream on an unseasonably warm day? Or a freezing ass cold day, for that matter. When you made that promise to yourself to cut the sweets and up the sweats this new year, you knew what your downfall would be. Now let everyone else know too with our tempting new sunnies, Eyes Scream for Ice Cream. ⁣ ___________⁣ #run #runner #5k #10k #halfmarathon #marathon #ultramarathon #runningswag
In this phase of Carl's Six Phase Resolution Plan, you'll want to have an accessible hot tub and a bottomless supply of ice cream. When your freezer supply is done, you can probably postmate it. Though...might be more like a milkshake by the time you get it...hmmm...maybe bring the hot tub to the ice cream shop? We don't know. Enjoy Carl's video.⁣ __________⁣ #run #runner #5k #10k #halfmarathom #marathon #ultramarathon #runningwithfriends #runningswag
Remember when you promised your brother-in-law’s sister, Jessica, that you would totally join her not-at-all pyramid scheme #shakelife? We doubt anyone else does either (except Jessica, of course), so go ahead and order that blooming onion, drink that fat margarita, and most importantly - get that XL blueberry soft serve at the ice scream shop (
Welcome to Carl's Anti-Resolutions, a 6-phase plan to do the opposite of improve in the New Year. Carl is an influencer now. Hashtag flocking blessed. ⁣ __________⁣ #run #runner #5k #10k #marathon #halfmarathon #ultramarathon #runningwithfriends #runnerswag
It's the New Year and we all know deep down it's NOT going to be a
We all know that post Run morning after body ache hangover feeling but let us fill you in our on secret recovery drink! Let us introduce you to the Feather o' the Phoenix cocktail. It starts off with that tomato base, with a little bit of this and a dash of that and our secret ingredient... feather of a phoenix! Don't ask us how we got the feathers, that's the secret part. But don't forget about the day AFTER the day after body make sure you pick up double the ingredients! You can thank us later. ⁣ __________⁣ #run #runner #5k #10k #halfmarathon #marathon #ultramarathon #runningwithfriends