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French manufacturer of bicycle tires since 1890 πŸ‡«πŸ‡· #Hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath #RacingLab - NEW TYRE πŸ‘‰ TOUAREG Details & Specs 🌍‡️
New rider for 2020, @markymath will ride with our tires from now! Welcome! - - - #hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath
New rider for 2020, @oliviercuvet will ride with our tires from now! Welcome! - - - #hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath
CHINA BOUND New Freeride project from @antonivilloni is out! - - - #hutchinsontires #YourOwnPath πŸ“Έ @mathieuplt
First #Mission for @kilianbron in 2020! Chasing Volcanoes! - - - - - #hutchinsontires #hutchinson @commencalbikes πŸ“Ή @leonlenses
πŸ”₯130 km/h on a bike! @antonivilloni going fast in Chatel Ski slope! - - - #hutchinsontires #yourownpath #hutchinson
The @commencalenduroteam will continue to ride with our tires in 2020! Welcome @icardo_alexis @alexrudeauofficiel @charleslaura !
As New Year has just began, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all the people working with us all year-long, trusting us and our products, helping us to develop the best for our athletes while staying true to our values. Thanks a lot to our teams, our athletes, our ambassadors and our customers. Happy New Year! 🀟 - - - πŸ“· Romain Laurent / @tdg_photography #HutchinsonTires #HappyNewYear
In 2019, we were so happy to launch the Griffus! We hope you’re ready for 2020 because big things are coming…⏰πŸ”₯ - - - πŸ“Έ Romain Laurent #HutchinsonTires #Griffus #HappyNewYear
Hutchinson wishes you a Merry Christmas! Hope you’ll enjoy Holiday Season and take a ride outside like @kilianbron to celebrate winter with your favorite tires! - - - #HutchinsonTires #KilianBron #MerryChristmas
Wanna see how the Overide looks like on a bike? Check out this amazing combo: our Overide 650bx47 on a Caminade bike! What’s your thougths?πŸ”₯ #HutchinsonTires #Overide #YourOwnPath #Caminade