King Jules 🤴🏾
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King Jules 🤴🏾
Beats Friday’s are back! 2020 Vision on 💯 | Tag an artist you’d think would body this beat in the comments below
“The Guy” 💪🏾
Contrary to popular belief, we hated each other when we first met. I never imagined that 11 years later we’d be planning on spending the rest of our lives together. Thank you for being my ride or die ♥️
Birds in the trap 🕊 Thanks to @sam_dishongh for blessing the kid 💪🏾
Good Eats 😋
Today you celebrate another year of life, health and strength. I pray that God opens the doors to your dreams and showers you in an abundance of blessings. Happy Birthday my love ✨♥️
As long as my lady remembers me fondly, that’s all I need.
Saw pa konnen pi gran pase’w
We’re going to tell the kids about this one day ♥️