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Supporting our regimental family and their success. The Commanding Officer 7 RIFLES Lieutenant Colonel James Gayner MBE, presented a RIFLES Coin to Cadet Colour Serjeant Jessie Westall of Bradfield College CCF, in recognition of her outstanding achievement as a member of her Affiliated Regiment. #SERFCA #Cadets #CCF
Are you watching the Festival of Remernberance at Royal Albert Hall this evening? Rifleman of 7 RIFLES have been an integral part this year at the Festival. On this such a unique anniversary. We have been privileged to take part and help the veterans be able to play their part. #wewillrememberthem #regimentalfamily
7 RIFLES so far at the Lord Mayors Show in London. Our re-enactement live through the ages has been big hit! Rifleman have spent time talking with the great people of London about what It means to be a Rifleman, and to educate about the uniforms, weapons, equipment etc on display. More to follow after lunch.
Going live again very soon! Here is some of this morning's action.
RIFLES Advance! Marching through the ages now at the London Lord Mayors Show
Standby. RIFLES mustering to move off @londonmayorsshow. Look out for our demonstrations of RIFLES through the ages.
Quick shot of what will be on display today. Join G Coy, 7 RIFLES as it takes you back through it' proud and extensive Regimental history, including the famous 95th! Machine guns, live re-enactment and the famed Rifleman Harris from TV series Sharpe will be with us. Get down to the Lord Mayors show today!
G Company, 7 RIFLES London Infantry Reserve Unit, will be on display in the Lord Mayors Show. Come down and see history in action and talk to Rifleman about being a Reservist. 7 RIFLES will show a visual history of the RIFLES from 1808 through to the present day. Uniforms on display range from the original Peninsular War green jackets through World War I and II to the modern day. This also includes World War and modern weaponry displays of mortars and machine guns on floats. Supported by Jason Salkey, Rifleman Harris from ITV’s Sharpe’s RIFLES, and up to 62 living historians from a range of societies
7 RIFLES personnel will be out, with others from our regimental family, in London, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire in the coming weeks. Our acts of rememberance will include Festival @royalalberthall the @poppy appeal. We encourage you to come and join us and chat to our personnel about the unique contribution Reservists have and continue to make.
https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2702510443113010&id=116991551664925 Check out the latest army recruiting advert. At 7 RIFLES we have part-time vacancies available across our Company location in England. Your commitment can work around your current work and home life requirements.
Thinking of joining an Army Reserve Unit in London? Join the Army's largest and finest Infantry Regiment, with a unique ethos and regimental family. We have opportunities available now for you to train and qualify, then deploy in the UK and around the world as an: - Infanteer - MT Driver - Army Chef - Communications Information Specialist - Combat Medical Technician and more. Join 7 RIFLES (G Coy) in West Ham, London on Tues 12th November.
Congratulations! Recognition of some of our Battalion's committed Rifleman and integrated Civil Service personnel! Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of The Royal County of Berkshire, Mr James Puxley, presented Awards to outstanding members of our Battalion. 1. Lord Lieutenant’s Meritorious Service Awards for Mrs Southworth and Sjt Potts. 2. Best Reservist (for the County of Berkshire) for Cpl Bird. Highly prestigious and a significant honour, the several awards included Best Reservist in Berkshire award to our very own Cpl Bird of C (Berkshire) Coy! Well done to all those others nominated. It was excellent to see other pillars of our RIFLES regimental family also received awards.
The Commanding Officer of 7 Rifles, Lt Col James Gayner, briefs his Riflemen at the start of Exercise Iverna Venture, which started today. 🎿 ⛷ 🎿 “You will enjoy this week,” said the Colonel, “But this is not a ski holiday; this is adventurous training, and you will constantly challenge yourself. It’s not cruising on blue runs, it’s progressing towards ski touring, and developing that expeditionary mindset. “You should push the limits of your ability, move out of your comfort zone, and develop your courage - all of which is integral to our role as infantry soldiers.” 🏔🏔🏔 Adventurous Training (AT) is a key part of Army Reserve life. During our upcoming deployment to Cyprus on Op TOSCA, we will be doing mountain biking, scuba diving, rock climbing, abseiling, kayaking and hiking. Every January we run ”Iverna Venture”, a one-week ski-touring exercise in France. Adventurous Training opportunities are available to all our Riflemen. Get in touch now to become a part of it. 🚲 🛶 🤿 #Ski #Skiing #Rifles #SwiftAndBold #AT #AdventurousTraining
The annual 7 Rifles Christmas Carol Service is one of our favourite traditions. It’s a chance for the Battalion (which has locations across London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire) to gather together and reflect on the past 12 months, and the year to come. 🎄🎄🎄 Music was provided by our very own Waterloo Band & Bugles who, like the rest of our Riflemen, are Reservists. 🎺 🎷🥁 The bugle is a defining characteristic of The Rifles. Military bands have their origins in battle, where drums were once used to send messages and orders over the noise of fighting. Rifles regiments were light infantry, and would have been encumbered by drums whilst moving swiftly to disrupt the enemy. As such, they carried the less cumbersome bugle, which also sounded more clearly over the large distances that they covered. Bugles continue to be a part of our identity today. And they sound fantastic in a grand space like St Botolph-without-Bishopsgate, where we held our carol service. 🎄⛄️🎄 Merry Christmas from all of us at 7 Rifles! #Rifles #Band #Christmas #Music #SwiftAndBold
This weekend, 7 RIFLES conducted Exercise WATERLOO CAZADOR on Salisbury Plain. The exercise consisted of mounted and dismounted close combat training and made good use of our Warrior capability. #britisharmy #armyreserve #therifles #swiftandbold #heavymetal #warriors
7 RIFLES Field Christmas Dinner and Carols heating up nicely on Salisbury Plain Training Area. Whilst undertaking pre-deployment training and Warrior Training before well earned leave we look forward to digging into our mince pies.
A quick sneak peak of the Battalion training exercise currently taking place on Salisbury Plain! #armyreserve #therifles #swiftandbold #heavymetal #britisharmy #infantry
Busy this weekend? We are. 7 RIFLES is the Armoured Infantry Reserve battalion of Southern England. This weekend, our Riflemen will be training with the Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) alongside our Regular Army colleagues from 5 RIFLES. Trench clearing is an integral part of fighting from the Warrior IFV. In this video, you can see 7 RIFLES soldiers training in this role alongside our Spanish, American and Canadian allies in Spain. Overseas Exercises are an essential part of our training. Join now and become a part of our team. 7 RIFLES have stations in East London, West London, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire. #ReservesInTheSouthEast #ArmyReserve #Rifles #SwiftandBold @rifles_regiment
7 RIFLES getting festive! Our Rifleman in our HQ Coy and C Coy in Berkshire will be taking some time out with friends and family next week to celebrate some festivities ahead of their upcoming operational deployments. Come and join them at our Service and the excellent ensemble put on by our very own Band and Bugles!
Rifleman executing expert close quarter combat skills. The battalion demonstrated its operational effectiveness on its recent Exercise Iberian Star in Spain alongside Spanish, US and Canadian Army counterparts. Here’s a short film we pulled together with the help of ⁦@SouthEastRFCA⁩ to give you a sense of what our epic annual 2 week exercise in NW Spain was like... #swiftandbold ⁦@TheIronFist⁩ ⁦@3rdUKDivision⁩ ⁦@RiflesRegiment⁩ ⁦@BritishArmyESP⁩ https://t.co/A3snBDeXER
Standby. Pencil in your diary the next Cadet RIFLES Drill Cadre will be held on the 13th - 15th March in Sir John Moore Barracks, Folkestone, if you don't get on the last one here a few pics, but trust me this one will be bigger and better. All Capbadges are welcome !!! https://t.co/JI9JsaueYO