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« The surfers and bodyboarders scramble as a set wave crashes onto the reef at the #endoftheroad. From this perspective you can really see the waterfall effect but also the bend in the wave created by the west bowl. Not to mention how shallow Teahupoo is, even at high tide. » 🌊

Text & 📸 by our ambassador @timmckenna about one of the heaviest waves in the world where the Olympics will take place in 2024 💙
The best way to get back on track after swimming, surfing or any daily activity 💪🏼
📸 @surfinestate
«Estamos cambiando la composición química del aire y por tanto del agua y eso es una temeridad» afirmó @manusanfelix en el evento FARO OCEAN52 - 17/12/2019 - Madrid.

El objetivo de estas jornadas es transformarnos y empujarnos a pasar a la acción para proteger los océanos. 🌊 ➡️ Aprende más sobre FARO OCEAN52 en bio
We believe children hold the key to solve the environmental challenges that face us 🌍
This is why we keep visiting schools with our program Save The Ocean : an environmental workshop where children learn more about the Ocean and how they can take action in their everyday life to be part of the solution 💪
Tomorrow, we’ll be entering a crucial new decade: every choice we make, every action we take matters 💪
Currently, only between 4% and 5% of the oceans are protected. We need to protect at least 30% of the oceans by 2030 to preserve their extraordinary biodiversity. Let’s start with the next 52 weeks !
That’s our commitment for the New Year: 52 weeks actively working to protect the Ocean 🌊
📸 by our ambassador @timmckenna
Plastic in the Ocean is a reality. We chose to say NO to plastic.
Aluminum cans are 100% recyclable and can be recycled infinitely without losing quality 💦
📸 @surfinestate
@lacurren making the most of the fascinating Ocean’s energy 🌊🙌
📸 @timmckenna
Throwback to #Radikalocean52 when our ambassador @miquelsunyer swam 3.5km with a #SBBUOY by @gpaseabots a prototype which removes microplastics between 1 mm and 4 mm from the sea.
📸 @marcdura1
Spotted eagle rays while on flight mode are just mesmerising to watch. These gentle ocean sea #fairies glide effortlessly against the currents while searching for a snack. They have a special taste for bivalves (clams) and other benthic invertebrates such as crabs, Gastropods or shrimps.
I found this one during our @natgeopristineseas expedition to the mighty Malpelo Island in Colombia in partnership with @fundacionmalpelo. 
All marine life is protected from fishing here and the abundance of #reef fish is just astonishing! 
Text & pic by our ambassador @pelayosalinas 💙
There is an excess of plastic in the Ocean 🌊 we chose to use eternally recycable packaging 💙
Drink tap water and only if it’s essential drink water from this can 💦
📸 @retromeurbanretreat
Do you want to know more about the whales in the gulf of Biscaye? Watch that documentary on our blog called « respect the locals » produced by our friends from @quiksilver hosted by our ambassador @kepaacero and based on an original idea by @_ocean52
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