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Happy days. Photo by @mjkvdl
The thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the wall in Berlin, and also the 81st anniversary of the Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass. The ivy in our hof is flaming red. I ❤ Berlin.
... #kristalnacht #iloveberlin #iloveberlin❤️
Boiling a delicious German egg for breakfast. The steam is fogging the lens.
I tried to copy this video and repost it from @gretathunberg but I thought at first I might have only got the first part of four. I am a little dysfunctional digitally. But yay I got the whole thing!It is a great video!
Revisiting 2013 at @wittedewith__ when we were installing THE TEMPTATION OF AA BRONSON and we were photographed by the Chinese magazine Subliminal Men's Issue. Here is @ggglonggg wearing @louisvuitton and standing in front of a panel of the text piece that he did for the exhibition. (I was very cranky and less willing to collaborate!). Thanks to @defneayas__
We received this magnificent collection of zines and ephemera from the super sexy @cockausoleil in Paris. Selfies are always welcome! Thank you!!! ❤😈❤
#queer #queerzines #queerart @parisassbookfair
General Idea once made a proposal to the @venice.art.biennale to blow up the Canadian Pavilion, as an art project. The offer was not accepted. But how much better to blow up the Old Sun Residential School (now the Old Sun Community College) on #siksikanation ? Founded by my great grandfather in the 1880s and filled with the intensely unhappy spirit life of generations of abused children, this is a building whose continued existence only creates pain. From left to right, @benwritesthings @aa_bronson and @adrian_stimson . Photo by @mjkvdl .
#reconciliation #apublicapologytosiksikanation @canada.council
Thinking poodles and other queer thoughts. #poodles #poodleart #queerart #onepoodlespuddleisanotherpoodleatsea @miandn @lucymitchellinnes @fpclinton @barrgilmore #valentinehugo
Congratulations to @ggglonggg for his exhibition
Meanwhile, in Warsaw, in a solo exhibition
Is older wiser? Good night.
I am sick. But I have my beautiful #pyjamas made by @derekroselondon for @eredi_chiarini of #firenze , and these amazing cozy socks knit by the kind mother of @korfflofthus !