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Inspiring mindful movement is at the core of why we do what we do at Alo. This is our real meaning of studio-to-street: taking the consciousness from practice on the mat and putting it into the practice of life. 💫

Amina practices in her Sneak Long Bra & the iconic High-Waist Moto Legging, both in our new color, Bone. Tap to shop her look 💕 @Alo
#yoga #yogapants #mindfulness
Pockets are EVERYTHING 🖤 EPIC legging drop: fall in love with Cargo! 😍 Don’t miss out on this must-have piece from our spring collection! ✨@alo
Talia does a stunning standing split variation in her High-Waist Cargo Legging in Black ⚡️
Tap to shop!
#yoga #yogapants
Yoga strap, phone, keys...there’s a pocket for that! ⚡️We’re obsessed with cargos, the perfect yoga-to-street legging 🖤@alo 
Tap to shop...before they’re gone! 😍
#yoga #yogapants #yogainspiration
You asked. We heard you. 
POCKETS ARE HERE! The brand new High-Waist Cargo Legging is made with our sculpting, lifting Airbrush fabric, & takes both fashion & utility to the next level. Tawny paired hers with her Real Bra Tank 🖤 Tap to shop 🥰 @alo 
#yoga #yogapants #pockets
Incredible expression by Lamise💫
She’s wearing her Movement Bra Tank & Airlift Capri💕
Click the link in bio to Shop!✨
#yoga #yogapants #yogainspiration
Valentine’s Day is here ❤️ We invited inspiring yogis to write a love letter to yoga, to celebrate this beautiful practice #yogaloveletter 💕:
“We’re made up of one another, Yoga taught me that...All of us. All life inter-exists as one whole. 
Our relationship with ourselves is our relationship with life. 
What we do to ourselves, we do onto the world. 
The way we treat ourselves, other beings and all life, directly and implicitly shapes our individual and universal consciousness. 
Our choices, our practices, especially the seemingly small, can awaken us to the joy of a life fully lived and fully loved.” – @talia_sutra ❤️
#loveandalliscoming #yoga #practice
📸 @actionhiro ✨
Happy Valentine’s Day, Alo Fam! 💕We love this #yogaloveletter from Martina ❤️: “Dear yoga,
You came to me at a time
I was in struggle,
I couldn’t see the Beauty
in Me and anywhere around me.
You took my hand
and gave me the ability to slow down,
You closed my eyes
in order to open my Heart & Mind.
In that space within me I found peace:
I was finally able to see
how special,
how beautiful,
how powerful
I am.
Sometimes I still forget,
but now You are here to remind Me.
Thank You.” – @martina__rando
#yoga #yogapants #valentinesday #rome
Outdoor flow✨We’re so inspired by fresh air😍
Seonia is wearing her Arch Legging & Cover Long Sleeve Top🖤
Tap to shop!💕
#yoga #yogapants #yogainspiration
A little prodigy in the making!🧘‍♀️
Kenz is wearing the echo tee in nectar paired with the alosoft aura short in black plum heather✨
Click the link in our bio to Shop!
#yoga #yogapants #baby #mom
The FOXY Sherpa is back in stock! 🦊
The coziest and cutest way to get to the studio🖤
Equipped with a removable hood & zip pockets, this Sherpa has everything. Hurry, these won’t last long✨@alo

#yogapants #yoga
Dog days 💗 When you need to accessorize yoga poses, there’s nothing better than a fluffy friend. 😉
Robin is wearing her Slit Bra & Moto Legging
Click the link in our bio to shop!✨
#yoga #yogapants #motivation #dog #husky
A simple truth for this complex world: A healthy backbend needs active GLUTES and ABS to stabilize the spine.✨
Adell is wearing her Lavish Bra @alo
Click the link in our bio to shop!👆
#yoga #yogapants #bali #indonesia
Kenzie is wearing @aloyoga as she guides her yogi babe 💕@alo
#yoga #yogapants #mom #baby
The bond between mother and child is so special!💕
Summer is wearing her High-Waist Airbrush Legging & Sunny Strappy Bra in White
Click the link in our bio to Shop!✨
#yoga #yogapants #mom #baby #florida
How yogis get a “leg up” 💗 What is your favorite pose to lift a leg in?
Robin is wearing @aloyoga in Dusted Plum✨
Click the link in our bio to Shop!
#yoga #yogapants #seattle #washington
“I am supported
I am strong
I am balanced
I am safe” - @yogi_goddess 
Our community is centered on support and balance✨
Today, take a moment of gratitude to reflect on your support system 💙
Phyllicia & Rajvi find strength through support and balance🙏 @alo 
#yoga #yogapants #gratitude
SPRING COLLECTION IS HERE!✨ We 💗 Macaron Pink! Your favorite sweet treat—now in your favorite styles! Kick off Spring with a color pop 🌸
Tawny is wearing her Real Bra Tank & High-Waist Airbrush Legging in Macaron Pink @alo
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#yoga #yogapants #spring
Backbends + beautiful angles ✨
Amina is wearing her Limited-Edition Exclusive Goddess Leotard & Amelia Top @alo 
Click the link in our bio to Shop!💕
#yoga #yogapants #yogainspiration
Do you take time every day to have a mindful moment for yourself? 🙏
Get inspired to get on your mat with a positive mindset and vibrant pop from our Spring Collection! We’re in love with Macaron Pink 🌸 @alo 
Martina has a mindful moment of balance in her Lounge Bra & Alosoft Aura Short in Macaron Pink Heather ✨
Tap to shop!⚡️
#yoga #yogapants #italy
Find love & support for yourself today 🖤 
You are so strong! ✨

Lamise wears her Finesse Long Sleeve Top in Zinc Heather & High-Waist Alo Sueded Revel Legging in Walnut Wash 🙏 @alo

#yoga #yogapanta #loveyourself