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So lustig wie für die Transalp war schon lange keine Wettkampfvorbereitung mehr bei mir! Erst im April habe ich mir einen kleinen Plan geschrieben und die Leistung hat sich seitdem prächtig entwickelt; wenn ich nicht so schwer wäre, wäre ich richtig schnell 😂😂😂. Jedenfalls, der Dieselmotor funktioniert noch/wieder und ich freue mich riesig auf das Rennen.

Allerbesten Dank gilt Günther Flatscher fürs Organisieren und allen anderen Helfern und Unterstützern: 
@activebyleitners  #activehotelkaprun #schopperundfreudenschuß @verena_buchner (Physio Buchner), Mario Buczolits und allen Sponsoren des @bikeexpressteam !
Throwback to an amazing experience with @bikeexpressteam at Tour Transalp - hard to believe it's already 2 weeks ago. Next  stops: La Chambérienne (July 27-28), Marmotte Valais (August 11), Marmotte Pyrénées (August 26).
Thanks @bioracerspeedwear for the beautiful and fast suit! 😍🇦🇹
New wheels day 😊 . Thanks #citec
The double 🇦🇹🇦🇹 .
PS: Sorry about the stripes on my sleeve, it's the team kit whose design I didn't choose... at least now I finally earned them.
Good fun racing - and winning - in Bleienbach (Switzerland) today. Thanks again @bioracerspeedwear for the 🇦🇹 suit! Next stop European Championships! #bioracer #citec @bikeexpressteam
Happy to give back to the 🇦🇹 national team for all their support over the last few days! 5th place at my first European ITT Championships 😊 .
#bioracer @bikeexpressteam
Holidays :) . 20kmh av. instead of 46 😇
#bioracer @bikeexpressteam
Trip to eurobike today to visit the @bioracerspeedwear booth and have measurements taken for a custom TT suit (+ insoles). Hope it will save a few seconds at Worlds 😉. Thanks guys for the support!
No last minute changes before a race... ooops 😉 (well it's not literally last minute, 10 days to go 😉). #garbaruk #garbarukchainring
Rest day 😇. Last race of the season will be Chrono des Nations next weekend. (Btw if someone is going there and passing close to Lausanne and can take me with them it would be a great help!)
Chrono des Nations. An 8th place is definitely not what I came for... Disappointed I couldn't show my - I think still good - form. But I learned once again that a good TT is about more than just good legs. Fortunately experiences last longer in my memory than some position or time on a list of results.