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k bye for now
got so much love
should i get lasik
see you jan 26 #GRAMMYs @cbstv @recordingacademy
thank you 🖤
holidays r so relaxing (i’m having a breakdown)
@edbutera 🤍
thank you
thank u, swt. ‘k bye for now (swt live)’ out now. love u.
thank u @mfigge for the visuals that brought swt to life 🤍💻
i am going to post a lot of “thank you”s and tour stuff for a while 
but probably slowly bc still processing and taking everything in .... my story will only ever be this long this once
thank you to our incredible stage manager / production manager Ski (who literally is too sweet and pure for this planet ... he always puts his hand over my head to make sure i don’t bump it when i’m running to and from stage / quick change) and to the entire crew that has worked unimaginably hard on this show for ten months... building and breaking down the stage every day and night, lighting us, mixing the sound beautifully, making it possible for us to perform, creating our canvas. quite literally none of this would exist without you and you are so greatly appreciated. 
thank you for making this show possible at all, keeping us safe every night and for always being so kind. 🤍
the talent ! the energy ! it has been SUCH an honor and privilege sharing the stage and spending so much time with you this year. thank u for the sharing your brilliant gifts with us all every night, for inspiring me to attempt to sing the way you play, for everything. 🤍
truly don’t know where to start with this one. i tell you this daily but i love you WITH ALL MY HEART. you are the funniest, coolest, hardest working, least sleeping, most CARING human being in the world. when i say i have NO IDEA WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT YOU i ............ cannot stress to you the seriousness or severity of that statement. thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for this tour, for my life and for everyone in it.
posting feels very insufficient and i can’t fit everybody i’d like to in this post and words really don’t suffice i’m kinda giving up but .... love you all more than words and thank u to everyone that has contributed to making this tour as wonderful as it was.
hope you have a restful ass, happy ass holiday.
iight i’m done for now.
nnnnnothin shinin more than u boy
‪when you’re ninety something shows in and literally almost every line is an alt melody 🤍 it’s so fun to play and sing shit differently and to hear my band’s solos played so differently every night. the most surprises. fuck imma miss this.‬
thank u @billboard and to my babies, 
you’ve made this the most special year for me and my music and i cannot thank u enough 🤍
🤍 @allthingsmean
thank u @rollingstone. 🤍
happy holidays ‘thank u, next’ available at @ultabeauty
the love of my life
hello i had to share this here as well i’m sorry. thank u for acknowledging this music my beautiful best friends and i created in just a few weeks together. the acknowledgement is truly more than enough on its own for me and my heart. thank u. pls allow me to bring literally all of my friends who worked on it to sit around me so they can make sure my heart is still beating lmao. so much love and gratitude. 💍 also also !!!! i have to say congratulations to all of my other friends that have been nominated this year for their brilliant work as well ! i cant wait to celebrate everyone together.
@voguemagazine ‘in my head’ outtake courtesy of @bardiazeinali 🤍💿
the @CharliesAngels soundtrack is out now 🖤 it’s been an honor co-producing this with u @awsuki, @ilya_music, max. thank you for including me @ElizabethBanks 👼🏼 enjoy and let us know what you think
final leg of tour starts next week 🖤 love u & can’t wait to see u soon
i’m so proud of this record and these women. i hope you enjoy your first taste of the @charliesangels soundtrack ! i am so grateful to be an executive producer on this project and a part of this experience. thank u @mileycyrus @lanadelrey @hannahluxdavis @elizabethbanks @awsuki @ilya_music. i’m so excited for this film and this exciting chapter. don’t call me angel 🖤 out now 👼🏼!
the way i can’t look at you without losing it @iamskot i love u
spooky girl
happy halloween’s eve 🖤
eye of the beholder 👁 🖤
final procedure was a success