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LA Animal Rights March 2019! Please change the way you consume. You will be healthier and happier, the planet will be better and most of all the animals need mercy, and compassion and to be thought of as sentient beings. The animals you consume live and die in terror and cruelty....Born to die...
Tuesday’s Toil... the struggle is real...😎 #greyhound lovers, #houndsoncouches, @karlz_thegreythound
Have a blessed night❤️🐶
Sunday cuteness overload! Was doing work at my desk and turned around to see these faces....❤️🐶😂 then proceeded to shower them in kisses... 😍😘😘 Lucky Lu Lu Yulin 2016, Red Bean Yulin 2018 @animalhopeandwellness @dogsofahwf
Happy World Dog Day! Some “Monday Madness” from Red Bean who laid down in the middle of our hike this am and refused to go on until she got a treat... clearly training “us” while sister Lucky Lu Lu looks on in disbelief.... ❤️😂❤️😂
@animalhopeandwellness, @dogsofAHWF
Friday’s Confessions... The life of a Red Bean... (please tap for sound) 😂☀️ @dogsofahwf @animalhopeandwellness
Thursday’s Thuggery... Ms Red Bean... more about the sock later....😂 (turn on sound)
@dogsofanimalhopeandwellness  @dogsofahwf
The Notorious RBG 
Red Bean “gangsta” Gitlitz... ❤️🐶🤣(tap for sound)
#yulinsurvivor @animalhopeandwellnessfoudation #alumniofahwfdogs @dogsofAHWF
@iamvince007 check out this pupster! From the Garden of Life Yulin Rescue 2018.... my heart melts for a baby with an underbite.... #yulinsurvivor
My beautiful boy Jet... dozing off in a regal pose while watching me work out...😂❤️ #greyhound @karlz_thegreythound  #greyhoundlove
Just returned from Bethesda and the LUNGevity meeting. Andrea Ferris and LUNGevity bringing stakeholders from Academics, Industry, the FDA and Ofcourse Patient Advocates togethers for a 2 day meeting to drive solutions for clinical research... like access to trials, reduced patient burden, streamlining the eligibility process. We need to all put our minds together to drive progress and continue to improve outcomes for people with lung cancer! 💪☀️Such gracious, brilliant and thoughtful speakers lead the meeting. @LUNGevity #fightlungcancer #researchrules
Our Chance, Sir Chance A lot O Love, our Prince of Tides. A beautiful memory of his love. 16.5 years of joy. Rescued as a 3 month old puppy abandoned on Rte 66....Lives on in our heart forever... dearly missed....