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Last stop! All side quests completed! Beautiful coïncidences & unexpected accidents all managed with no tempers tantrumed! It’s a #BurntingMan #MIRACLE! Now off to the dirt! L’aventure continue! #lhommequibrule #hybridmovementcompany #mischeifmanaged
Cursing @aerialdancermari’s name. I had one day with her & we turned it a little too much & I still can’t walk right. 😂 It was my 20 year anniversary of meeting @jerihabberstad & @sassypantsaerial! And we still look goood! Hahaha. #smallfavours
I got to see my baybee @acrodave in #Vegas last night at his new gig #AtomicSaloonShow. Surprise guests Pavel’s knees & Dolly were there too! Lol. Omg I FINALLY have him back! Hahaha. I’ve missed him so much. I almost cried when I saw him 😢💕 Yes, I took Momma Panda to a country western Zumanity, & she loved it! Dick jokes & all. 😂 I love you so much Davide! Your show was awesome & I’m so happy to have you in the same realm again! Expect to see a lot more of me in Vegas now! Hahaha 🐼♥️👸🏼
In case y’all thought I was playin’! 😜🐼🏆👨🏼‍🎓 #WestVirginia #ProperPandasFinishingSchoolForWaywardSquirrels #PPFSFWS #Ilvermorny
That one time Daddy Sprinks took us to see the #madamextour and it casually changed my life. #Pandafamforevs #Madonna #NanaMsEpicRecital
You guys! She’s back in business and bigger than ever. Come get your stretch on with the panda bear extraordinaire at the #BrooklynZooNY. New classes from 6 PM to 8 PM for #AdultStretch for people who want to make their bodies work after work. 🐼💙
Hey guys! we’re back in business and bigger than ever in the air! After a whirlwind tour of pandas across America, I’m finally back in teaching Ariel fabric technique at #CircusWarehouse at 1 PM to 3 PM on Tuesday. Come trip the light fantastic with me. (This picture was a fun throwback from the olden days! Can you guess the year & location? 🐼😜💙)
I really should post more. My life is a hoot. This is me at breakfast today. #dragforbreakfast
Brunch casual.
That was a hoot. Cross dressers. Snax. Special guest stars. Cute boys named Steve. Party games. And Raz brought me a Hypervolt! I don’t care for people, concepts, parties, being in public, or any music on Saturday that isn’t Naughty By Nature of Beethoven, and #BitchesBrew did not bum me out. Let’s do it again! 🐼♥️🦇💀👻
Here’s and old school pic to tell you about a new class. Adult Stretch at the #BrooklynZooNY 6pm-8pm tonight! Come join in the magic, the north, the merriment & other alliterations. Tuesdays & Thursdays! It’ll be a hoot!
My very humbug #Halloween involved me not ever leaving the house, but getting wine drunk and #MarieKondo-ing my drag bag. This #C3P0 gem has had its day in the starlight, but I thought I’d give it one last run in my living room before I sent it off to a nice farm upstate where it could frolic with the other old costumes of yesteryear. I really am at a point in my life where I just don’t care what people think & am giving myself permission to be silly & it feels very nice. Also, if anyone wants a minimalist C3PO outfit, this one’s up for grabs. 😂🐼♥️🤖🏆