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Bryan's Posts

Man oh man, what a surprise. Thought some friends were taking the tandem for a test ride but then they came back with a gaggle of homies and these RAD frame bags from @canalworkshop ! Congrats, ya got us. Love you guys, thanks for everything. Oh, and I finally sabred a bottle of champagne so life’s pretty swell right now. #hoodrats
The Hardings
Currently addressing the age-old, post-honeymoon question “Why did we leave?” #mrsharding
We had to start our ceremony three times because of the rain but I’d say it was well worth it. 📷 @naomiwongphotography
It’s not always jungles and beaches but yeah, this’ll do. @fourcornersguides  #dziltaahadventures
Howdy. 📷 @jweinberg
Probably leaked an extra 69oz of oil out the fork that one time. Finally replaced it. SS MTB, yer welcome.
Last month’s Monument Valley overnight is now live on @theradavist . Once again, thank you @dziltaahadventures for the tour of your backyard. That was a sunset that I won’t be forgetting, ever. And thanks for all of the 📷 @jweinberg !
Dat cake’s almost as sweet as you. Thanks @_hanimosity for the lovely dessert. Thanks Jeff for the photos (did you delete your profile AGAIN?). Thank you to everyone who braved the “cold” and celebrated our wedding reception. Amanda and I have both been deathly ill this week so I guess that means we did it right 🤷🏾‍♂️?
Call me Bass Reeves. What’s funny is that Calen was already dressed in half of his “costume”.
2019 in a nutshell, bikes and smiles with friends and the love of my life.
Hey did you hear about @ssaz2020 going down next month in da ‘Goons? It’s gunna be funnnnnnnnn. Here’s a very vague and inaccurate preview from last month. *Sorry for the boingy bike, the SS and I were having a lovers tiff*