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Today I want to write an appreciation post . I want to tell you all how blessed I feel to travel around the world like I do. I have met so many people that have never even stepped outside their own village. Usually I write that traveling is possible for everyone, but it is really not, not at all. It’s possible for people that live in countries with decent salaries, where people can get a job anywhere at anytime. If you live in a country where you can get a job with decent salary you are hella lucky! There are of course more to it, but getting a job in the first place is the very first step to go travel, no money no travels. I also want to thank my home for letting me travel like I do and experience life as I want. Be the person I want with no judgements. Even though they might not agree with everything I do I still get to do it even though I may fail at it. If I do fail they won’t tell me “I told you so” but talk to me about what I could do better and then wish the best for me in the future. I have always been stubborn, and the stubbornness has probably taken me to where I am today. I feel really thankful to have such an amazing and supportive family that would do anything for me. I think my life is this way because I have seen suffering with my own eyes, I have seen someone really close to me (my sister) in so much pain. I’ve seen what cancer can do, and it can really fuck up your life in a minute. Experiencing all these things have made me realize that life is short, life isn’t just short but everything can happen in just a second.. you can get blind within 5 minutes and you can end up in a wheelchair tomorrow.. that’s why I live today, which is really important to me, because I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. That’s why I’m not anxious about my pension and how I’m going to survive if I get old, because I don’t even know if that day will come and if it does I will deal with it then. So depressive I know, but daaang it’s so true. I would seriously live the heck out of my life now rather then saving my money for the future, and I’m so thankful that my home support my thoughts to a certain level 🤣🙏🏻 Thank you
Swipe for full picture 🤘🏻 I found a little lion on top of a rock in the middle of Srilankan jungle! I had to do what Rafiki did in Lion King to perform newborn Simba’s presentation ceremony. I fell in love with this little lion of a puppy. I wanted to adopt him and take him home but there was thousands like this little guy and I fell in love with all of them :’( atleast I gave them some of my love. HAKUNA MATATA 🦁🙉
Last year I booked my first solo trip ever, it was super scary, I was literally crying and I felt so alone the first night in Bangkok. I thought booking a hotel the first night would be relaxing and good but it was not, I felt so alone, kinda freaked out and just wanted to go home. I felt everyone was looking at me thinking I was a loner strolling around by myself. I just did everything wrong. Didn’t do enough passport research, didn’t go to many hostels and I spent too much money on flights I missed, flights I couldn’t board because of my passport, luxury hotels and too good food. But failing at things doesn’t mean you should give up, it means you should try again, try until you don’t fail and fail at something new. So 2019 I went again, on a solo trip, which turned out to be one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. I met so many unique and amazing people, I stayed in cheap and really beautiful hostels, I ate too spicy street food and travelled around the country with local transportation only, which I really loved! On my solo trip I went to Singapore, Maldives and Sri Lanka! I couldn’t be happier and from now on I will go solo 90% of the time. I really recommend it, you will have the time of your life and you will not regret. The only minor shitty thing that happened on this trip was my stolen wallet, but that was my fault. I have been to France, Madagascar, Reunion island, Poland, Singapore, Maldives, Sri Lanka within 4 months and I can’t wait to show you all my pictures and what I have created along the way! Thank you Singapore airport for being the coolest airport in the world and that You let me experience you three times! Thank you all for being so legit awesome and thank you to myself for being such a brave free spirit. I write this post to all of you who really wants to go, but just won’t because you think it’s too scary! Just book the flight and the rest will automatically fall into place! ✈️🌎 let 2020 be your year to travel solo! . . Shot on @sonyalpha A7rii Lens: Sony FE 24-105mm G using tripod. I totally looked like a fool 🙉 running back and forth.
2019 🗿🗺🏔 it’s been a year already, when I look back I realize I have done more than I could even imagine. I went back to school to do personal training, which made me realize I’m over school, haha but I did meet a lot of awesome people and I got to climb beautiful mountains with views for days. I also managed to go further up North to experience Senja which has been on my bucket list for a long time. I got to experience Fuerteventura which also has been on the list. Then during summer I went back home to my parents to save some money and work my butt off so I could travel. In September I left home for France, Madagascar, Reunion, Poland, Singapore, Maldives and Sri Lanka. I had the best solo trip ever and I met truly amazing people and experienced beautiful cultures. I have learnt so much about myself this year and I have really really found me. I live a life where there are no room for men, pets or babies but I live a life where the world awaits, new people say hello and new plans for the future (even though I don’t really make plans) hehe. I can’t believe how lucky I am to experience everything I do, the choices I have made because I am privileged and because I come from a home where love is unconditional. Not everyone can experience this kind of life I’m living. And makes me so sad, to think about how unfair everything in life is. I will always stay true and honest on here and I will never pretend life is better then it is. Travel is not for everyone, it may sound cool and look amazing but it is really stressful sometimes and if you are on a budget it is pain in the ass at certain times! Haha but I love it. Let’s hope that 2020 will be a better year for more people and make sure you are the best you can be. Let’s love, laugh and live. Let’s try to live in peace and harmony and help people in need. HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎆 🎊
Dude! These leggings and crop top from stronger makes me glow! Haah!!! No for real though, super comfy and really good looking outfit, I love them! Go get yours as well and use my code: bomkanari20 and it will give you 20% of everything for a whole week! Let’s goo!!! 😱😍😍😍 . @stronger . STORY TIME 👇🏻 . . . Raging this unique hiking spot, which is actually the old King’s road; vindhellavegen (google it) it has four 180 degrees hair pin bends, which is pretty and very picturesque! Imagine going back in time using horses for transportation up these roads built in 1842-43, they had to make this road because the older one was too steep for the horses! Cheehuu’ what a great story time ! 🤣🤣 short but good hey? Me and @karolinethyri went on this hike the other day, I was gonna find an amazing lookout, and the light was so darn good, but then I didn’t find it and the sun went down and that sucks but the pictures came out great anyways so no big deal! And we had fun 😍😍 . . . HAVE YOU EVER HIKED OLD KING ROADS BEFORE ?😍 . . 📷 @karolinethyri Edit: @bomkanari
Love when Mother Earth gives me a show like this! Bodø has really shown me what nature truly is, I’ve seen so much up north, feeling blessed! The northern lights, the pink sunset on top of a snowy mountain, the FUCKING beautiful midnight sun, never seen anything like it. Mother is here showing us the real deal, our planet we are supposed to take care of, she won’t live forever, she is suffering now and we need to do everything we can to make her feel better, so plants, and life on earth can heal again. Is it too late? Maybe.. look around you, open your eyes and do your part for a better future ❤️ love you all and thank you guys so much for all the positivity and support on here 🥰 . . . .📷 @henriette.sveaass Edit: @bomkanari
Storytime: this summer I was so lucky to meet one of the coolest teenager to this date, haha! So I invited him on a hike, hiking with this kid was so much fun so I invited him on a roadtrip in Norway, he said yes so we packed the car and left.. I don’t know if he is in shock or if he still wants to hang out with me 🤣🤣 as I’m a so called free spirit, I flash tits in public (actually on the ferry) and shaved my Punani in a parking lot, farting like cray cray (girls fart too 💩) been skinny dipping when I woke up and singing loud in the car 🚗 walked around with the same clothes for 6 days 🤣 i forgot to pack normal clothes. But he survived! He has been my awesome photographer, fun hiking bud, and he notice everything, a tiny flower with a strange color, a weird cloud, or my wild eyebrow! We have seen so much of Mother Nature and landscape I didn’t even knew existed so close to my home. Thank you for being my new awesome friend, and that you showed up in my life @johannes.hunderi I dig you and I promise you I will ask you to adventure with me again hahaha! . . . 📷 @johannes.hunderi Edit: @bomkanari
Storytime: this girl, the person who’s been in my life longer than anyone else! I met her in the kindergarten when I was two and she was three. We were inseparably from that day on. We didn’t let anyone else into our lives. Especially not girls, hahaha! So we hung out with the boys, playing soccer , bicycled on a tandem bike for hours every single day, hide and seek behind the school with our peeps, watched scary movies with the bros, sleepover every weekend, wrote love letters about the guys we thought was cute (still got em) 🤣 then we went to high school and she moved to Ålesund, a year later I moved there too because of her. After that year we chose different paths, I went to Bali and she got pregnant! No she is a mother of two beautiful girls, owns a house and just finished her studies! We can talk for hours on the phone and I just invited her to Laos with me in November! Tell her to come with me ;) love this chick! Thanx for being in my life as long as I can remember ! I feel lucky and blessed to have you in my life 💛 . . . In frame: @heidiryeeri @bomkanari Edit: @bomkanari I took this shot on a tripod with self timer
I’ve had a little break from Instagram but doesn’t mean I’m gone 🌴 can you imagine 2019 is almost over? Like where did the year go? I graduated personal trainer with good grades, worked the whole summer then went to Madagascar, Réunion, France, Polen, roadtrip in Norway, Singapore and now MALDIVES for 2 weeks. Seriously guys, I never thought I would be able to go here ever. It just means everything is possible right? You just gotta work hard to achieve your goals, then the struggle pays off.. I wanted to share these pictures with you all to show how beautiful it is on this island even with stormy and rainy weather! The ocean is still frikkn blue blue, and yeah you! Haha! . . . Have you ever been in the Maldives? If yes where? If no, why not? . . TAG A FRIEND YOU WOULD STAY HERE WITH 🦈🌴 oh and did I mention the little babyshark at this exact beach ! AND DID I MENTION THE VIDEO AT THE END ? Haha, enjoy 💛💛
WHAT DO YOU THINK IS YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE? 💗 . . There is really something about traveling; learning, failing, strangers becoming your friends, you become more independent, airports will be your family, luggage will be your enemy, less is more will be your favorite quote. I couldn’t imagine a life without traveling, meeting strangers and adventure the bom out of this world. I feel so humbled and blessed that I can travel, that I have the confidence to book a flight knowing I’m going to travel alone. The fact that I actually CAN travel is just something I really don’t take for granted. I’m healthy, I’m wealthy (if you can work and have food on your table you are wealthy) and I’m living in the moment. Everyday is a blessing, we are all here for a reason and we all have different purposes in life. I’m sure my purpose was to travel 🤭😂 it’s a new month, it’s new moon and it’s a new day. Let’s celebrate life and do more of what we love. ♾🌴⛰🗺
I think this is one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever witnessed. Two years ago I went on my first backpacking trip, honestly didn’t think I would survive. How could I travel for 2 months with a backpack. I realized that you don’t need much when you are traveling, be basic and bring only the necessary stuff. I also forgot my clothes in a hotel so I had to buy new clothes lol. We spent 800 euros in 2 months (accommodations, transportation, food and fun) it is possible to travel cheap. You just gotta skip the smoothie here and there, don’t buy new clothes, don’t get stuff you don’t really need and don’t drink anything else but water, hihi! Sounds boring I know but it’s totally worth it, and you can have cheat days ;) . . . 📷 @karolinethyri Edit: @bomkanari . . . Do you like to pack in a suitcase or a backpack?
I have always been super uncomfortable in front of the camera, I always made a goofy face or stuck my tongue out (I still do) hehe. When I took these photos, I used a tripod and self timer where I actually had to pose within 10 seconds. Gladly I was totally alone at the beach, running back and forth, trying to pose and to look kinda normal at the same time. I’m telling you, it’s hard! Hahah how you do it girls !??? I’m laughing at myself every time after each pose I do, cuz I feel so silly! Hopefully it’s gonna get better because I usually really like the outcome 💛 so here is to all you camera shy people, if I can you can do it! Hahah perfection is not what I look for, I look for more artsy and vibing content where everything seem super natural and not staged, because that’s more like who I really am; basic and natural 🤣 . . . DO YOU LIKE TO BE BEHIND OR IN FRONT OF CAMERA? 🤭
Don’t mind my huge feet in pic number. 2🤣 camera angle on fleek. 🤭 The Réunion island had been a dream since @kelsealoha posted pictures from this place. I had no idea this little tiny island even existed. But a year after I seen her story, I went myself 💛🏝 . . . Following your dream might seem very difficult, whatever your dream is, I’m sure you will reach it. My dream was to travel the world, but then again I was also very scared to travel alone. One day actually last year, I realized that if I always wait for people to come travel with me I will never be able to travel the world, so I said to myself “fuck it, lets go” so I did! I left Norway by myself, and that was the best decision of my life! Meeting great people all over the world, learning new cultures and different values. It’s healthy and it makes you very independent and strong 🌙 . . . I went with my cuzin to Réunion island, we always go once a year together 💗 . . . 📷 @sslinde Edit: @bomkanari
You ask me how I can afford to travel? I’m not rich, I don’t make much money, I don’t own an apartment, I have student loan and when I do go back to Norway, I stay at my parents house. I don’t own a car, I don’t have bills to pay (except student loan and phone) I don’t drink or smoke. I can sit for weeks just to find the best and cheapest flights. I usually go to cheap countries and I never buy new things while I travel. I’m 28 years old, some may ask why I don’t have kids and happily married with a big house and a good paid job and a dog running around. It’s just not for me yet, I rather spend my 20s roaming around the world like a ninja and get to know likeminded people, travel cheap, learn about the cultures and just enjoy day by day and be happy I’m still alive.. what future will bring is up to the future. 🤣 I live in the present, I have dreams and those are the ones I’m chasing 😊😍 if you really want to travel the world, do whatever it takes to save money and go ! 💛 . . . ARE YOU CHASING YOUR DREAMS? . . 📷 @gopro
People ask me if I get burnt out being an influencer, or telling me I should rather enjoy the moment instead of trying to get the best shot or whatever. I don’t get burnt out, at all, if you want to follow me because you like my content that’s really amazing, but I don’t chase for followers like many does on this app. I don’t comment and like pictures like crazy every hour, I don’t follow just random people so they can follow me. I follow unique accounts that give me inspiration and motivation. And I hope you follow me for the same reasons :) I love to create, being in the moment is something I really appreciate and I don’t take a sunset, rainfall or anything spectacular for granted, I take pictures (cuz I really enjoy it) I take selfies cuz I think it is fun, and I’m having a really good time doing all this and I don’t feel I miss out on the sunset show or the crazy stuff going on, I just really enjoy it all at the same time. I also respect my fellow humans, Friends and family, so I don’t really use my phone much when I socialize, I think it is really disrespectful and we shouldn’t really stay on our phones 24/7 even though it’s our job. We need a break from online so we don’t forget the real life, real people and real conversations (when you actually look into people’s eyes while talking). So to answer all your questions, I love to create, I really enjoy Instagram, and for what it has given me, I appreciate you guys but I would never let this app take over my life. I don’t even need post everyday if I don’t feel it, but I really do enjoy showing you guys what I have created and inspire you guys to get out and about, seek nature and stay healthy. You don’t need to travel to be happy, nor having a big insta account. Haha ! Just look outside your door and really embrace it. The air, the trees, singing birds and the little aunt working it’s ass off on the ground. If you really pay attention to tiny details, you will appreciate more 😍 hope this answered your questions! . . . HOW DO YOU USE THIS APP? . . 📷 @gopro Edit: @bomkanari
Even though my upper arm looks like 90 years old, I still dig this picture 🤣 I mean, elephant, safari Jeep and red sand.. I had a blast on this safari. We seen so many different animals such as leopards (never seen that before) so wild !! Then we seen elephants taking a bath, buffalos covered in mud, also one really close to the Jeep. Two crocodiles, chitals, peacocks 🦚 monkeys and so much more! I can’t describe how good it was. 12 hours safari with good company, amazing guide who blasted the Jeep with edm music at sunset. Thank you Sri Lanka! Sooo soo good to me, the people the culture the animals all of it! Loving this country so much already. . If you ever want to do a safari in Yala, Sri Lanka I highly suggest going with @safari_yala_national_park_ . . . . Tag someone you would do a wild safari with 🌙🦎. . 📷 @gopro Edit: @bomkanari