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Up next in @healthy_ish’s #FeelGoodFoodPlan, @andybaraghani’s brothy beans with kimchi and squash! It gets its heft from creamy white beans, heat from kimchi, and creaminess from egg yolk. It’s exactly what we crave during puffy jacket season. Head to the link in our profile to make it. 📸: @yungbludlau food styling: @susietheodorou props: @sophiestrangio
It’s the worst time of year outside...but the best time to cook. Which is why we're dedicating an entire LIVE PODCAST (in partnership with @target!) to winter comforts on Wednesday, January 29th at @bellhouseny. We’ll be joined by special guests @stellabugbee, editor in chief of @thecut, and @newyorkermag columnist @jiatortellini. Plus, @lallimusic, @moroccochris, @andybaraghani, @mollybaz, and @sohlae from the BA Test Kitchen will be appearing on stage, along with BA editors @rapoport, @pkgourmet, and @alexandrabeggs. As always, there will be bites and a cash bar. So dig up your coziest sweats, start that ambitious baking project, and head to the link in our profile for tickets.
So, uh, a few weeks ago @sonokosakai, author of Japanese Home Cooking, came into the BA test kitchen to make everyone a soba lunch. And then she went on the BA Foodcast to talk to @seechaey about making soba and her latest cookbook, which the BA staff can’t get enough of. It was pretty much the best day ever and now you can hear all about it because that Foodcast episode is LIVE. Head to the link in our profile to give it a listen. 📸: @laurashoots
When the wind chill hits single digits, nothing saves the day like this punchy, citrusy Thai-inspired noodle salad. It’s the next recipe in @healthy_ish’s #FeelGoodFoodPlan, and stars shrimp, which takes a bath in honey, lime juice, ginger, garlic, and fish sauce before it’s sautéed and tossed in a tangle of noodles and thinly sliced cucumber. The extra marinade doubles as salad dressing (nice!), getting you to maximum citrus-umami flavor in minimal time. Head to the link in our profile for @moroccochris’s recipe. 📸: @yungbludlau food styling: @susietheodorou props: @sophiestrangio
Hey! It’s Thursday and we think you deserve something special, so here are @loloschaefer’s chickpea and chorizo tostadas. Click the link in our bio for the recipe. 📷: @laurashoots
No of course you don’t *have* to get the blue corn tortillas like @alizarae did for @andybaraghani’s cauliflower tacos from #FeelGoodFoodPlan, but it sure does make it look that much more delicious, right? Click the link in our bio for the recipe.
NEW MEATBALL RECIPE ALERT! For tonight's #FeelGoodFoodPlan recipe, @moroccochris is serving up gluten-free meatballs (he uses cooked rice instead of breadcrumbs!) with creamy hummus and a bright herb salad. Head to the link in our profile for the @healthy_ish recipe. 📸: @yungbludlau food styling: @susietheodorou props: @sophiestrangio
Space heaters are cool, but @milkkarten’s favorite way to warm up is to go to #NYC100 restaurant @punjabidelinyc, order two samosas with chickpeas, yogurt, and onions (samosa chaat), and sip a ginger-heavy chai. For more #NYC100 restaurants, head to the link in our profile. #bastaff
If @alex_delany told you to meet him outside a chiropractic down a set of stairs...enter through a door that leads to the basement of said chiropractic clinic...bring get some sausage...would you go? Well, you should. Because he’d be taking you to Streecha. Head to the link in our profile for more from his Highly Recommend. 📸: @laurashoots
It’s @healthy_ish’s last #FeelGoodFoodPlan recipe of 2020! And we’re going out on a high note with this one-pan vegetarian dinner with squash, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and scallions. All that is then piled on yogurt and drizzled with a bright dressing. It’s a keeper. Head to the link in our profile for @moroccochris’s recipe. 📸: @yungbludlau food styling: @susietheodorou props: @sophiestrangio
Honolulu...where there’s more than just poke. For our February issue, @elysei wrote about the restaurants and dishes that define this undefinable cuisine—a mash-up of immigrant cuisines, both recent and ancient—and make Honolulu her favorite place to eat. Like saimin, a Chinese-Filipino-Japanese noodle soup that’s fishy, warming, and like nothing else in the states (see above!). Or pipikaula, an actually juicy beef jerky. Or spam musubi, a fat slice of luncheon meat slapped into hot rice and enrobed with nori. Head to the link in our profile for her favorite spots. 📸: @markkushimi
When the weather is over 60° during New York winter, you make like @alizarae and get your vitamin C *and* D. We’re talking cara cara oranges with sumac, EVOO, pistachios, and fennel fronds, inspired by a dish at @hartsbrooklyn. Oh, and sun. Lots of sun. #bastaff