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@roligore at it again! 👏🏽 ...our second to last post of the year is this brand new @roligore makeup called ‘Frosty The Zombie’, which features our custom hand painted contact lenses. How lucky are we?! 👀 Visit her page for more gory images of this make up and for a full list of the products used. 😍 @roligore
What a year it’s been. 🤯 A huge thank you to EVERYONE that’s been a part of it. Here’s a random handful of our favourite pictures from up and down the country over the last 12 months. 🤩
Can’t get enough of this @roligore zombie make up! 😍 As you’ll have seen in our post last week, we were once again fortunate enough to hand paint custom contact lenses for @roligore! Here is a short snippet of the look in it’s full glory... 🤩
Which one of these metallic gold custom contact lenses do you prefer? 1️⃣ (an older custom design) or 2️⃣ (block colour)? 😍 Did you know?: At @cantornissel, we are the only CE marked and FDA approved manufacturer metallic contact lenses. 🤩
Our Administration Director, Phil, and Professional Services Manager, Kaz, are enjoying every minute of #OptometryTomorrow 2020. 😁 If you didn’t have the chance to visit our team today, there’s still time! Our two representatives will also be on the stand tomorrow, available to talk all things @cantornissel. 😎 You can ask our team about the ‘30 Days’ lens (as seen in this selfie!) or even flick through our exclusive #ChromaGen guides! We’ll let you decide... 👀
We manufactured and hand painted this custom lens for @eyedvice, who reiterated the importance of eye care and following government advice during this pandemic, in her two latest posts. 👀 Tap through to her page to read more and to see a short video of the lens seen in this image. 📸
It’s still business as usual for us. But, you can join many others in using our ‘Post-To-Patient’ facility! Message, call or e-mail our team for more information. 👀
The face of @the_prosthetics_event 2020. 👀 Visit @the_prosthetics_event’s social media platforms to view the stunning @mfxwarehouse demo in full. Artist @magda_kulig_kr’s magic was modelled perfectly by @amber.hertzberg, who can be seen wearing our #NisselCustom hand painted lenses and teeth by @fangsfx. 😍
This screen grab is from a recent #OpticianOnline article about new findings published in Contact Lens & Anterior Eye, that explain contact lenses are an acceptable form of vision correction during the #Coronavirus pandemic. The article was peer-reviewed by Dr Lyndon Jones and Karen Walsh from the University of Waterloo in Canada, Mark Wilcox from the School of Optometry and Vision Science, Jason Nichols from the University of Alabama and Philip Morgan from the University of Manchester. Take a look... 👀
@roligore has just shared one of the coolest TikToks we’ve ever seen. 😉 #cantornissel So much so, we made our own account and re-shared it on there too! Follow us: @cantornissel 👀
Making a difference. 👀 #CantorNissel
A pair of our custom hand painted contact lenses featured in this new @roligore make up. How cool is this?! 😳
“It’s the eyes...” 😰 2 years ago, @schofe appeared on @thismorning as the Night King! 😍 Eyecare professionals, @eyeworks_for_film, were responsible for the onset fitting of these custom lenses, that we manufactured and then hand painted. @eyeworks_for_film were also responsible for the trial fittings prior to the reveal, and for the aftercare of @schofe. 👀 It’s worth noting that these lenses were designed to look like the post-CGI custom lenses, that we manufactured and then hand painted, for @gameofthrones. And yes, @eyeworks_for_film were also responsible for the official @gameofthrones fittings also. 🤩
More @zomboat_ goodness. 🤩 Check out this re-gram of this pair (of over thirty manufactured, and yes, you read that right... Thirty!!!) of our CUSTOM hand painted contact lenses in a recent episode of @zomboat_. 😍 @eyedvice, the onset eyecare professional, originally uploaded this image discussing the design and purpose of these zombie lenses. It is also worth remembering that @eyedvice was also responsible for the trial fittings prior to her onset magic. Visit her page to find out more... 👀 @linda.a.morton was responsible for the bloody, gory make up. Let us know what you think... 😳
It’s #ThrowbackThursday time! Check out these funky, contrasting, custom lenses that we manufactured and then hand painted for @eyeworks_for_film. 😍 Talented make-up designer @tristancorneliusversluis created this work of art for a @pscomposites demo, back at the @imatsofficial event back in May. @clayofthejackal was responsible for the incredible 3D modelling of this character, which was then printed by @awesome3dprinting. The fantastic silicone pieces were created and ran by @smikleleon, which was applied, along with make up, by both @tristancorneliusversluis and @sunnip. 😍 On-set eyecare professionals @eyeworks_for_film were bought in to design, professionally fit and the aftercare process of both the lenses and model; @sparkykass. 👀
A stunning image of @rippedfromthecrypt’s battle of the brushes entry, back at @imatsofficial in May, which featured two of our custom hand painted lenses. 👀 This demo, which was modelled by @monsterfxmakeup, was shared in a fairly recent @dailymail article, which can be found further down our Facebook and Instagram pages! This incredible image was taken by @benbentleyphoto. 📸
This week’s #ThrowbackThursday post takes us back to 1994. Did you know that this custom lens, as worn by @tomcruise in ‘Interview With A Vampire’, was one of our FIRST ever hand painted film lenses? 😍 Michele Burke and her team, as seen in the first image, were responsible for designing and applying the stunning make up. 😍 This post was re-shared from the team at @themakeuparmoury!
More @roligore magic. 😍 The start of @roligore’s “#31daysofhalloween” posts have begun, with this truly fantastic ‘bear attack’ make up, featuring a custom hand painted lens of ours... 👀 Visit @roligore and @roligore_backup to see more!
Selfie time! 🤳🏽 Here’s Kaz (@rockinkaz), our Professional Services Manager, who attended and represented @cantornissel at this weekend’s annual AIO Conference, in Bristol. Kaz was joined by our Administration Director Phil Tansley (@philtansley76) and Optometrist and SFX Lens Specialist Stephanie Doherty (@eyedvice). 👀 Once again, the demand and interest for our ChromaGen products was sky high! We are the ONLY U.K. supplier of this life changing range and you can find out more, here:
We manufactured and hand painted over 30 pairs of custom contact lenses for the first series of #Zomboat, which is now LIVE on ITV HUB. 😍 @eyedvice was responsible for the professional fittings, for ‘on-set’ care and ‘after’ care of these custom lenses! 👀 @lauraodettephipps was responsible for the outstanding, gory make-up. 😍 Have you seen the first episode? If so, let us know what you think down below!
“The effect of the #CantorProsthetic.” 👀 These two incredible images show the significance and effectiveness of the lathe cut Cantor Prosthetic. This design is a high quality soft daily wear contact lens for Prosthetic use, with the option of an open or closed pupil. We also provide a free and easy-to-use colour swatch, which allows practitioners to chose the closest colour match to their patients eye. 👁 If you’d like to share your photos/stories of your lens fittings, use the #CantorNissel hashtag! Alternatively, you can send them through to our team. 😁
More “#Zomboat!” goodness. 😍 These images, taken by the talented onset makeup artist @lauraodettephipps, feature just some of the 30+ pairs of lenses that we manufactured and then hand painted for #Zomboat! 👀 All 30+ pairs of these lenses in question were professionally fitted by @eyedvice! Stephanie, who goes by the Instagram name of @eyedvice, was also responsible for the onset and after care of those involved. 👁 These zombies have both featured in the first two episodes of the ITV2 hit, which is also available on the ITV HUB. 👻
@roligore is at it again. 😍 ...this time, with a ‘melted face’ look that features one our custom hand painted lenses! Visit her page to see her latest feature in the @fangoria magazine. 👀