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Academy Mode will have full controller support 🎮.
The game is now tracking at all times if you are using controller or Mouse and Keyboard.  The Creative/Production Mode that we use now will always prefer Mouse and Keyboard but certain things like cameras will have UIs that switch depending on the fly. #cinetracer
Preview of the new building system for Cine Tracer v0.5
This scene was assembled with the new  building system + Blocks/Structures.  A similar scene will be available to import as a “Pre Fab” #cinetracer
Version 0.5 comes out Friday Nov. 22 🎮🎥 #cinetracer

And then a lot more building assets, props, and Pre-Fabs will come after that 🍻
New Road Materials created today in Substance Designer. #cinetracer
Version 0.5 comes out tomorrow and is pretty much a different game.  It is a big re design and old saves will not load.

If you are needing to use v0.34, it will be available as a beta branch on Steam.
Update is live on Steam 🍻
- Please restart Steam to get the update.
- MacOS LMK if this update allows you to launch without it quitting.
- Still need the “-dx11” in launch options to use older DirectX for Windows.
- v0.34 is available as a Beta Branch.

Next update will not take 3 months and I will be making new buildings and prefabs to replace the old maps.  New props etc as well.

Update walkthrough and notes #cinetracer
CT v0.52 is live 🎮🎥
- “G” Camera Bug Fix
- New Facade and Classroom Pre Fabs
- New Phone + Tablet Props

MacOS issue is addressed in the Steam Events / News.

I’m still working on getting the game Notarized by Apple.  This is a relatively new requirement and is very “technical” to say the least.

Current workaround is posted on Steam. #cinetracer
Walkthrough of the new Pre Fabs and Assets in Cine Tracer v0.53. *Terrain Sculpting didn't make this update, hopefully the next one.
Curtains and New Pre Fabs.  Also join the Discord Channel.
Small Fixes for v0.55
- Hopefully 1-5 Hotkeys work for everyone
- Object stays selected after dropped
- Maybe material editor
- More Building Blocks and Prefabs