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Did you know that being resourced is an important part of resilience? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always on you. Having access to physical and emotional resources, such as a good support network, can help you become resilient and #KeepAClearHead amongst challenges @resilienceresearch
Have you ever wondered how to become more resilient? Stay tuned this week as we share with you tips to help you become more resilient. 
Power Hack 1: stay close to the people who love and care for you, and build those relationships. #KeepAClearHead @resilienceresearch
Power Hack 2: Knowing your roots and understanding your own culture helps you build resilience! Learn your family’s history and proudly celebrate your traditions. #KeepAClearHead @resilienceresearch
We had such a great time with you 2 on set today too! 😍😍 @cristiano @martavsilva10 Looking forward to sharing the great things ahead with everyone as well! #keepaclearhead #clearhaircare #clearsports
Power Hack 3: Participate in events in your community, and make new friends! They’ll be your support system you can count on when you face challenges. #KeepAClearHead @resilienceresearch
Power Hack 4: Building your self esteem is an important part of becoming more resilient. Find opportunities to show the world what you are made of. #KeepAClearHead @resilienceresearch
Check out the post from @aerinyuktadatta!� I grew up during the beginning of the social media era and never would’ve expected how much of an impact it would have on me today. I am sure that a lot of you can relate with me to the amount of social anxiety it has caused. I built up walls around myself, in fear of others judgmental criticism. But I learned to grow through self-love and the support of my friends and family, which is how I gained the strength I’ve built over the years. We can all develop this resilience, it’s just about knowing the resources available to you! @clear.haircare is working to tackle social anxiety and wants to power up the resilience of the young through the new CLEAR Resilience Bootcamp announced on #WorldMentalHealthDay! 
Click on the link in the bio of @clear.haircare to check it out! #Mentalhealth #MentalHealthAwareness #KeepAClearHead #ClearHairCare @who
Check out the post from @brandonsalim! �

Anxiety is something we all go through in our daily lives, regardless of your field of work. You probably think that someone like me, who works in the entertainment industry will always be confident. Well, that’s not true. It’s about believing in what I can achieve and staying positive. Giving 110% into my work and staying dedicated until I reach my goals. @clear.haircare is committed to helping young people build the strength to overcome their social anxiety with their new CLEAR Resilience Bootcamp, which was announced on #WorldMentalHealthDay. I know that not everything will come off as success in the eyes of others. Some will think that I’ve done a great job and others will think that I failed. The pressure sometimes can be almost unbearable. It's the feeling of fear of constantly being judged. Luckily, I have a lot of good people around me, and they’re the ones that matter the most. So, if you ever doubt yourself, or is experiencing social anxiety, just remember that everyone you meet is fighting their own battle. You are not alone. I understand it’s not gonna be easy, but like everything in life, this too shall pass. The best thing to do, is to focus on the present. Give life your best shot, and don’t worry about the things that brings you down. I fully support @clear.haircare's mission to help young people overcome social anxiety. 
Visit the link in bio of @clear.haircare to find out more! #Mentalhealth #MentalHealthAwareness #KeepAClearHead #ClearHairCare @who
Check out the post from @jukukoo! �

Anxiety is something that we all go through no matter what type of occupation you do. You might think that people who work in the industry feel confident all the time, but that is not the case. I was in a TV show called The Face Thailand. Can you imagine the whole country is watching you? Some are even there to also watch you fail. The pressure was almost unbearable. I feel like I am always worried about being judged. But luckily I also have a lot of good people around me and these are ones that matter the most. So, if you are ever doubting yourself, or experiencing social anxiety I just want to let you know that it can happen to anyone, you are not alone. I understand it is not easy but like everything in life it shall pass. The best thing is to focus on the present. Do not worry about the things that bring you down. @clear.haircare is on a mission to power up the resilience in young people through the new CLEAR Resilience Bootcamp, announced on #WorldMentalHealthDay. 
Visit the link in bio of @clear.haircare to find out more! #Mentalhealth #MentalHealthAwareness #KeepAClearHead #ClearHairCare @who
Check out the post from @leshaterevkov!� Have you experienced social anxiety? We are all under constant pressure, trying to succeed in everything. The development of social networks only enhances this feeling, invading our lives with endless notifications and high expectations. We all need to be more resilient in order to learn how to deal with this. Sometimes I feel that I could have done more. Everyone wants more from me and I don’t meet their expectations. Half-year ago I met social anxiety because of all that pressure. Processes are becoming more and more, and they need to be solved faster and faster. Everything around is alarming. And this is ok. And it’s ok to fight and learn to deal with problems. Few people know how, but there are ways to reduce anxiety...CLEAR announced the launch of a worldwide campaign - #KeepAClearHead - aimed at supporting young people and helping them increase resilience to growing social anxiety. They launched their online CLEAR Resilience Bootcamp. The bootcamp is the brand’s first step towards helping young people overcome the above problems. The program is developed by leading experts in this field. Click on the link of @clear.haircare to find out more! 
Analyze yourself and find your own way of developing your personality and overcoming self-doubt.To be taller, we need to be stronger. It is important for us and our success. Take these things more seriously, and if you are offered help, don’t refuse, take the opportunity to be better. #Mentalhealth #MentalHealthAwareness #KeepAClearHead #ClearHairCare @who
Check out the post from @katebutko!� 10 October was #WorldHealthDay and I would like to continue my story about my mental health journey. Today I would like you to think about the people around you. Do you know how hard it is to realise that you have issues? What’s more, it’s even harder to discuss it with someone and seem weak/sick. I think it’s super important to pay attention to our beloved ones and to their behaviour. We need to support one another and build resilience. Learn how to build resilience together with @clear.haircare. Pass it to your family and friends. Let’s be aware of what’s going on inside of us and inside of the people we care about. #keepaclearhead. 
Visit the link in bio of @clear.haircare to find out more! #Mentalhealth #MentalHealthAwareness #KeepAClearHead #ClearHairCare @who
Do you know working out also increases the flow of beneficial nutrients to your scalp? #Abs aren't the only reason for you to sweat it out. Sexier body also = stronger #menscalp.  #keepaclearhead #clearmen #fitspiration #doyouknow #scalpfacts