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It’s your last chance to join @katiepiper_, @auntiecath17, @charlottehawkins1, @nadiaforde and Jessie Buckley in supporting @tkmaxxuk’s #GiveUpClothesForGood campaign, which raises money for #CRUKYoungPeople! Whether you’re looking to get rid of some quality pre-loved clothing and accessories, or you’ve got some household items that could do with a new home, pack them up and bring them to your nearest TK Maxx store. Items will then be sold in our @crukshops, and all proceeds will be going towards our research into cancers that affect children and young people. But be quick – you’ve only got until the end of the month!
“Cancer changes lives… so do we.” Martin Freeman, and a breakdancing Neil Morrissey, lead the charge in the star-studded new @su2cuk campaign film! 💪 To get involved with this year’s #StandUpToCancer campaign, visit the link in our bio.
“Piglet also got diagnosed with cancer, but I was the only one who lost my fur.” Join @georgieeswallow – and her dog, Piglet – and #StandUpToCancer with us. @SU2CUK’s Fortnight of Fundraising kicks off this Friday – find out how you can get involved by tapping the link in our bio.
#Kisstory is taking over! Tune in to @kissfmuk right now for a whole day of old skool anthems for @SU2CUK! #StandUpWithKiss
“The cancer isn’t curable. So he’s living with cancer, but you wouldn’t know to look at him.” Doug was diagnosed with a rare form of thyroid cancer when he was 30. The team at @su2cuk recently caught up with Doug and his wife, @steph_dontbuyherflowers, to discuss living with cancer while raising a family and getting on with normal life.
“Cancer isn’t pretty. It can be dark, painful and destructive. But we aren’t playing to cancer’s rules. These people are strong, beautiful and, most of all, defiant.” We’re proud to share ‘Defiance’, the latest project by photographer @AmiBarwell for @su2cuk. The collection features a range of men and women embracing their scars, and aims to highlight the gritty and raw reality of a cancer diagnosis.
“I just try and think if you’ve got a dream, you’ve just got to go for it. Now, I’m living my dream!” Keen footballer, Ben, had his leg amputated after he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma when he was nine. Now 16, Ben is back playing football and is playing for Manchester City Amputees and England Amputees Under-23s! We’re funding research to help improve survival and reduce long-term side effects for children and young people, like Ben. Click the link in our bio to read more about our refreshed research strategy. #CRUKYoungPeople
“It was one of the hardest times of my life. My dad was my best friend. All I want to do is help anyone old or young that has a loved one going through the same thing.” 11-year-old Bree recently cut and donated her hair to raise money for us, after her dad died from pancreatic cancer. “I thought my dad would be there to take me to my prom, meet my first boyfriend and walk me down the aisle. He was diagnosed and was given three months to live – being told we had so little time to say goodbye was really hard. Time with your loved ones is so precious and I want to help the cause wherever I can.” Thanks to help from people like Bree, we’re able to fund life-saving research that stops more families being affected by cancer. Tap the link in our bio to hold your own fundraiser.
Fancy owning a piece of tennis history? We’ve teamed up with @ATPTour to raise awareness and funds for our life-saving research, starting with a treasure hunt in our London shops and on our eBay store! Keep an eye out on @CRUKShops over the next four weeks for clues on where to find these incredible items… 👀
“You wake up and it’s cancer. You go to bed and it’s cancer. The storm clouds start rolling in, and I get this gut-wrench in my stomach. It’s such a battle with your mental health and the way you see yourself. Doing something like this, it just sort of helps give you your love for your body back.” Watch as @georgieeswallow takes part in a very special body confidence photo shoot with photographer @alex_cameron for @su2cuk.
“When my mum, Breda, was diagnosed with cancer, my whole family assumed that everything would be ok. It’s so easy to assume that it won’t happen to someone you love until you’re sitting in my position, waiting to read a poem at her funeral. My mum won’t get to see me graduate, meet my friends, or know the person I am today. I do things to keep her memory alive as much as possible, like fundraising and most importantly - telling her story. If I could share some advice, I’d tell people to share your worries, get checked if you need to, and to make sure you’re never taking anything for granted. Don’t assume that it won’t happen to you. I don’t want anyone to go through what my family did.” This is Rachel’s #CancerRightNow. Share your own story on our website.
“I was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, the day before my university graduation. I’d just finished university, had started a new job, and was living my most exciting life. It was a huge shock to have to take a step back and focus on treatment. I had chemotherapy for four months, and since then have been in remission. Aside from watching all the programmes on Netflix, I’ve started a blog during my recovery, to help other young people going through cancer. I hope that by sharing my experiences, people might feel less alone if they’re diagnosed too.” Thank you to Alice for sharing her #CancerRightNow story. You can help us raise awareness by telling your own story on our website: