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Already ready for next weekend 💙 on the 21st I’m DJing a very special event at @shadehotelmb in Manhattan Beach🍾 Sparkle Bubbly tasting event ✨ Get your tickets! Link in my bio! Xoxo come party and drink champagne with me 🥂xx
Guess what song I’m playing ?!?! 🤔💙 Next event I’m DJing is this Saturday in Manhattan Beach at @shadehotelmb 4-7pm 🍾🍾🍾 it’s a champagne party! Get your tickets xo
Grateful for my life and my endless adventure, I am so proud of how far I have come in just one year 🥰 I forget sometimes how much I have accomplished 💙 it’s only the beginning xx
This was such a beautiful day 💙 recently I’ve been working on creating daily whether it’s music or painting.... for a while now I have been so creatively blocked and I’ve put my passions to the side due to a LOT of life challenges. More than I thought I could handle, but I’m still here, working through it, following my path. And FINALLY I think things are on the come up. I never stop growing and learning as hard as it is sometimes 💙 I am ready to dive into my creativity and make my visions come to life, I am so ready 🌹 I can’t wait to share with all of you xx
She needs time like we all do,
time to be okay with being okay
because sometimes feeling right, after feeling so wrong for so long.. is the hardest thing to get used to 💫
I’m still here and thriving
after everything you’ve put me through
& I’m only just getting started 🌹
So hard to let go but I'm comin' round
The scars are still fragile
Don't let me down
He was a skater boy 
She said,
It's my life
Don't you forget
Caught in the crowd
It never ends
Love will tear us apart 💔
東京が大好き ✌️
Swipe to see the members of my new band “Crux my heart & the salary men” ✌️💙