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Mondazeeee ✌🏽 #mondayvibes
Ready to get after it tomorrow 👊🏽😎#DG122 #GOTIME
Struggled a good bit all day on the XG750R at the Minnesota Mile. But felt like we turned it around a good bit and felt like my fitness was on point as I caught a couple guys from way behind at the end. Happy to come home P5 but I feel like I could’ve been up there more, just learning more and more about my @blackhillshd XG750R! Destroyed the gear box on my single after winning the heat race so had to jump on the B bike. 3rd in the semi and then front row start on the main and had a bone head mistake and jumped the start 🙄🙄Came from the 4th row and worked my way up to 3rd but got drafted by at the finish to have a solid P4! Onto New Jersey this weekend for the last round of the season and ready to fight for a National Championship!😎 #DG122 Shoutout to my team and sponsors for getting me to where I am today. Couldn’t have been done without y’all
One more race to go. Let’s end it on a high note👊🏽💪🏽 @danddcycles @gobertsmash @bell_powersports @alpinestars @lightshoe @njkleathers @castrolmoto @proplates1985 @rolandsandsdesign @vanceandhines @coachgtdub @husqvarnamotorcyclesusa @hinsonracing @evanspowersport @dodgebrosracing @motionpro @protaper @blackhillshd @probeamlighting
Feels like a dream come true coming out on top with my first season back in 2 years. A lot of doubters proved wrong and ready to keep the positive energy going! I’ve had so much fun this year but with that it came with a lot of struggles, long stressful weekends, and long weeks of racing but we worked forward and made it happen. I cannot thank everyone enough for helping me get back to winning this year. This championship won’t ever get old! I love all my fans and supporters! Thanks guys for making this an incredible season🙌🏽👊🏽 #DG122 ➡️ #DG1
Who would’ve thought a small town kid from Pine Grove, Pennsylvania would’ve became Grand National Singles Champion? 2010➡️2019... Took a while but it still doesn’t feel real🙌🏽
Having some fun out here with the boys in Ocala. Shoutout to my family for keeping me looking fresh 😎🔥🔥 @alpinestars @scottsportsusa @bell_powersports
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵 someone say lit kit 😎😎 @bell_powersports @njkleathers @alpinestars 
These are the best companies I have ever worked with and I can’t thank all of them for the support this year! 
Pic credz 📸: @mrsjjfive
#MotivationMonday #DG122
Throw me into the wolves..... 🐺😈 And I will return leading the pack👊🏽 #DG122 #williamsgrovespeedway
The @pensacola_dirt_track squad went for a sesh today and it was a blast to say the least👊🏽👊🏽 @ladylassen with the heat💥🔥📸
It’s Friday🥳🥳 Ready to attack the weekend 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽 Still can’t believe how good my @husqvarnamotorcyclesusa FC450 is looking with a little @acerbisusa @proplates1985 love!💧🤤 Pic Credz: @ladylassen