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@dan.holz.photo - @ospreypacksPhotographer // Filmmaker Active Lifestyle & Mountain Sport Media
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Dan Holz

Proud to announce that we landed 2 short films in Aspen Mountain Film Festival: The Mentor and Golden!! It was absolutely wonderful working with such a great group of talented filmmakers, athletes and scientists to make these 2 films happen. If you are in the Aspen area 8/21-8/25, I highly recommend checking out the fest! #aspenmountainfilmfestival @kaare_iverson_photography @charles_post @henrytelluride @mgclimber1 @ospreypacks @_a_bit_s_ @vmazzuca @dawnglanc @cleod9music

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Dan Holz

A few captures from our last trip to Patagonian Chile. I am absolutely enamored with the subtle beauty of the northern Lake District. @ospreypacks #patagonia #onassignment #islandlife

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Dan Holz

@kaare_iverson_photography and @travelingjackie getting the goods on the other side of #earth. This was my first assignment in Chilean Patagonia and I am already chomping at the bit to head back down south. @ospreypacks #patagonia #onassignment #inceptioncapture #coastalgoodness

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Dan Holz

@ekay_adventures getting it done in downtown Bend while on a shoot for @ospreypacks. Sometimes it helps to have a guy on the crew who can handle himself on a skateboard! #rollwithit #bikecommute #filmskills

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Dan Holz

I’m proud to announce our newest film ‘Golden’ Link to film in bio.🤘 Peering out her tall bedroom windows to the highway below, Caitlin Davis dreamed of life as an ecologist. When she saw mountains for the first time on a backpacking trip after college, her fate was sealed. Today, in Idaho’s demanding sagebrush country, the raptor biologist spends her days rappelling into golden eagle nests studying how human impact affects their reproduction and productivity. @kaare_iverson_photography @charles_post @cleod9music @ospreypacks #ecology #planetearth

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Dan Holz

As I’m unpacking from my last trip and repacking for my next one, I can’t help but think of how much I’m going to miss this little kiddo of mine. Here are a couple shots from an assignment to Belize where I did actually bring the fam. #offtopatagonia!

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Dan Holz

#Norcal riding at its finest! #california #mtb #randomwheelies #onassignment #canon

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Dan Holz

From out NorCal shoot a couple weeks ago. We made Nate ride this wheelie at least 15 times while we shot photo and video until we got it right. #onassignment @ospreypacks #california #mtb #wheeliesarefun

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Dan Holz

Hot off the presses! We just shot a super fun little mountain bike vid in NorCal a couple weeks ago. Give it a look and let me know what you think. **cranking the volume is highly recommended** Nice job @ekay_adventures @benjamin_dodd & @unregisteredpecsoffender #onassignment @ospreypacks #california #mtb #shredder

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Dan Holz

Iron oxide saturate the San Juan Mountains and make for gorgeous hues of orange and reds that really start to pop when the magic hour closes in. Here @devoderby and @lenapalms explore a range outside #Telluride Shot on a Canon 5D MKIV | Canon 70-200 2.8 | Canon 24-70 2.8 | Natural Light #onassignment @ospreypacks #canon #canon5d #goodtimesinthebackcountry

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Dan Holz

@devoderby and @lenapalms hit the trail in the mighty San Juans Shot on a Canon 5D MKIV | Canon 70-200 2.8 | Natural Light #onassignment @ospreypacks #backpacking #canon #canon5d #optoutside

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Dan Holz

As you enter the lush rainforests and make your way to vast glaciers, everything and everything is simply magic. The #PNW is unparalleled when it comes to natural beauty within proximity of urban areas. And man, do I miss it sometimes! Shot on a Canon 1DX Mkii | Canon 70-200 2.8 | Canon 24-70 2.8 | Natural Light #onassignment @ospreypacks #backpacking #canon #1dxmkii #optoutside

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Dan Holz

As you can see it was super-dry last summer in #hoodriver during this shoot. So I decided to take advantage of the dust by hitting it with a remote strobe as Nate came into the turn @ speed. I feel it added some pretty nice depth to the overall scene. Shot on a Canon 1DX Mkii | Canon 70-200 2.8 | Canon 600 EX-RT #onassignment @ospreypacks #mountainbike #pnw #canon #1dxmkii #mtb

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