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Remember, it’s not your responsibility to be understood.
Started this day at one of my favorite spots in LA.
I’m beyond grateful to be living in a place where I can experience things like this on an everyday basis.
Jam with others but make sure you find your own groove.
Let’s start this week off colorful.
By @shotbysham
First Day of putting my hair up again!
You can never go wrong with all black.
Drop a “🖤” if you agree!
They can steal your recipe but the sauce won’t taste the same.
By @shotbysham
Jacket Season Is Here.
You prepared? @boohoomanofficial
Alright so I wanted to wait until the last touch up session is done but at this point I just can’t hold off on posting this beautiful piece of art anymore, so I’ll explain to you guys now...
This piece actually shows a snow leopard and a black eagle. The meaning behind this, is that the black eagle is the national animal of Germany - the country my mother is from, and the snow leopard is the national animal of Afghanistan - the country my father is from.
I chose this piece because I realized throughout my journey of living in a lot of different countries, that an important part of who I am today is the fact that I am a mix of those two cultures. Even though it hasn’t always been easy because I was „too foreign“ for the Germans and „not enough afghan“ for the Afghans, I still wouldn’t change a thing about it.
I love both parts of my origin equally and I’m more than proud to call myself mixed.
This is for everyone who always had to fight to be accepted cause they “weren’t enough” or were “too much”.
You are perfect the way you are!
You got any plans tonight? 
Testing some things out with my bro @alanszargoza 
It’s Cutting Season.
You Been To The Gym Yet?