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For a long time, I’ve made short films, but being surrounded by so many talented people inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and develop
What's your craziest story of the city? THANK YOU to all the supporters who have backed the campaign so far! You'll be hearing
There are so many stories that can be told of just one city. There's the good, the bad and sometimes the downright ugly. We are the fabric that make up the city and our stories and the issues that affect us are important and deserve to be told. Check out the campaign page for This City of Mine the feature by clicking the link in the description to find out how you can support.  #cityofmineja #kingston #jamaica #stories #film #jamaicanfilmmaker #jamaicanfilm #women #woman #catcall
Have you ever noticed how you can always find that one person with an icy mint at the bottom of their bag. To contribute to the development of this feature film, click the link in the bio. #cityofmineja #thiscityofmine
I finally made it to Bali for this Sama-Sama Emerging Artists Residency Programme! @esirom created this video where I share what I plan to achieve in the 2 months at the residency. I've been trying to figure out what the perfect 1st post would be for this new adventure and I think this might be it. @jaftaonline #screenplay #filmmaker #balifellowship #bali #jamaica
It's been exactly 1 week since I've been in Bali on this Sama-Sama residency. I don't think I've taken enough pictures but these few snapshots are where and how I've spent most of the week. Based at the Rumah Sunghai Villa in Ubud, in the mornings I hike up the hill and back (funny story, I discovered this hill was actually one of the most popular attractions in Ubud - the Campuhan Ridge); After I get back, I write. This means discovering new characters, rediscovering old characters and figuring out plot points. I've come to have so much respect and understanding for the #thiscityofmine characters, and everyday I discover something new about their lives. Then in the evening, I'll take another stroll along the ridge and take pictures of the sunset over the rice fields or walk to the Ubud city centre and look around. I'll do another post soon with pictures in Ubud. If there is any part of the process you are interested in seeing/hearing about, let me know and I will try to do some posts on that. #screenwriters #balifellowship #jamaicanfilmmaker #filmmaker #cityofmineja
Every few days I pull myself away from my laptop, papers and pens to venture out to the Ubud city centre and try to
Week 2 of the #balifellowship took me on a week long Hero's Journey. My adventure for the weekend was to cycle to the famous Tegallalang Rice Terraces, not realizing how difficult it would be until I was halfway up my 3rd hill. However, the view on the way was relaxing and when I finally got there it was definitely worth it! Somewhere along the way, I got some battle wounds from thinking I could fly downhill without consequences on the same bicycle I had to push uphill. But then I discovered Avocado juice which made everything better. Looking forward to a productive week 3! @esirom @jaftaonline #bali #screenplay  #screenwriter #jamaicanfilmmaker #writersofinstagram #tegallalang #riceterraces #ricefields #ricepaddies #indonesia #herosjourney
No matter where I go, I won't forget that Jamaica gave me my first set of wings. Shout out to all the wonderful Jamaicans I've met (and will meet) on this Sama-Sama fellowship both in Indonesia and Singapore! @carlylegrant did a documentary series on a couple of the Jamaicans doing great things in Indonesia. I'll never take for granted the Jamaican love that has always seemed to follow me to the ends of the globe and back.
On a side note, I met a really cool Singaporean who helped me to take this picture and she said she had never seen anyone take a picture with their country's flag before and it looked like something football fans would do.  I guess we're fanatics? @esirom #balifellowship #samasama #bali #singapore #jamaica #jamaicanfilmmaker
I get it now. #balifellowship #screenplay @esirom @jaftaonline
I don't have the perfect photo that encapsulates magnitude of the experience that was the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. So I'll just show you a couple shots that I took from the screening of the JAFTA block at the @betelnutcafe plus a few others that I'll post later. Thanks to @ubudwritersfest for partnering with @jaftaonline to showcase Jamaican films in Bali. It wasn't a ginormous turnout, but it was well attended by the Jamaican massive and others who were really just curious about Jamaican film. The audience was engaged all the way to the end, including during the q&a. Thanks also to the filmmakers for sharing your work (KINTO by @joshuajpaul , Code by @sass_christ , One Patty by @gaymagnus , A Broken Appointment by @kaleb_locs , This City of Mine @cityofmineja and Masterminds by @kerrmeleon and @drunkenmonk_ja ) @esirom #balifellowship #jamaicanfilm #UWRF2019 #film #screening #ubud #bali #betelnut
Where did the time go? My time at the Sama-Sama residency in Bali is over but the