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When the President of Colombia @ivanduquemarquez asks you to come to his country, you go!!
Feeling incredibly grateful for everyone that have FaceTimed, called, messaged, and showed up on my birthday! I truly love and appreciate you all ❤️ Anastasiya and I were in Rome having birthday dinner with my family, when we got back to the car, the back window was smashed and we had absolutely everything stolen. The whole experience was a reminder that the most important things in life are the relationships with your friends and family not materialistic things! sending love and appreciation to you all from Positano! (Thank you to the Canadian American embassies for getting us passports!)
Meeting the legends @therealtrapkitchen
Friday Squad 💥
@theos is so proud to produce the insanely talented @missymodell music video on what is going on in the states about reproductive rights! Support vital services for women across the country.
Take action. Get involved. Donate.
@yellowfund @plannedparenthood
I am absolutely blown away by this post today! We started @theburiedlife out of a place of complete discontentment. We thought that if we asked ourselves and others the question “what do you want to do before you die” it could be a step towards the things we honestly wanted to do in our life and help others do the same. Never did my 19-year-old self who was taking two weeks off at the end of the summer to drive in a shitty RV around 🇨🇦 think that I would read a post like that from someone who inspires me and is actively changing my life! A unbelievable amount of love and gratitude to @mattdajer and @yestheory ❤️
Lavender party 2019 ❤️❤️❤️@bilstoncreekfarm
Such an amazing day! Such a beautiful music video for the always epic @steveaoki thank you to the @theos team!! @bradtiemann @mattedwards.tv @sweetwaterhawaii and love to the brothers @dklegend @shaunwalsh20 @wix
Happy birthday to the baddest baddie!
Back in the sketch game! More content coming! Thank you @cherdleys ❤️🔥
I need help to shoot an interview and then my first stand up set tomorrow!! Also if you want to see the show it’s at 6:30 at Westside comedy!!