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I’m only posting this because I’m tired of telling everyone that THIS PERSON in this video IS NOT ME. 😢This is actually Brazilian Queen, Una Reina de Brazil.......Gaby @gabyamarantos....I hope she’s ok, she handled this like a boss. 👑

#repost @gabyamarantos
Lately I seem to just want one thing......
MY BED 😴 it’s called burning the candle at both ends....almost finished tho, just a few more weeks to go 💪🏼
Goodnight IG 💤
Happy 1st birthday Kruz 🎂 🎁 😘
Yall don’t know how much I love this kid. My only nephew who’s really my son....😍🥰 and d only other Scorpio ♏️ in d family! 😂 📸 @emanuelambi  @keefa_g1 @asho_05
New Music Mood! Forget what u heard.....you ain’t hear nothing like this.....SWEET NOVEMBER.....😜🤣
Im desperately missing my fans 😭 As soon as I’m done recording, I’ll be back on d road 🥳 CAYMAN Islands 🇰🇾 See u guys soon! #piratesweekcayman
See you soon Houston! 🥳
Tell dem MIMI 😂🤣😂🤣😂 @itslovelymimi #mylifemyrules #dealwithit #dohstudymestudyyuhself #QUEENTINGZ #leavemeh
Shubh Divali to all my Fans, Friends and Family Everywhere......May light triumph over darkness and good over evil. May the spirit of light illuminate your life and fill it with bliss and contentment. Have a joyous and blessed Festival of Light! 🔥
📸 @juanlennonawong @kevroxsad @facesofbellarouge
Baby Kruz.......my nepheson ☺️He looks so much like my dad. 😍 @keefa_g1 @asho_05 📸 @emanuelambi
Happy Divali Day Holiday from Xaiya @iamxaiya
This pic is a must! 😍 Vindi and I 😜26 years of friendship and sisterhood. 
Now passing on to our kids. #bff #sisters #godmothers and godsisters #family #traditions
It’s easy to be misunderstood because of a serious demeanor 😐 Sometimes a smile makes all the difference. 😁