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I love you, I love you.
I want to make most of this time to fall into stillness, to feel calm and re-energize. The world has been go-go-go for all these years. There was always something to do, something to buy, something to want, something to meet someone for. I had to actively keep time aside for myself, or found myself so drained to the point where I couldn't function, and HAD to take time off to regain that energy.

Today, I don't see myself waking up in a hurry, to make breakfast quickly and check bus timings, or worry about how I don't have enough time to catch up on classes. Today, I'm not speedy planning on how I'd like my day to unfold. Instead, I'm just letting it unfold. The world's pace is going down a few notches and I feel myself relax to the idea of it. It's a good time to isolate, to unwind and just float in this vessel. I'm working towards a more intentional way of life, and this slow pace, is quite fitting.

Today, I breathe at my own pace. I wouldn't have learned that if it wasn't for this time. It's a hard time, but it's also a really loud message to make the most of it. A new, conscious world unfolds. And I'm ready.
Todays paradox - To be in union, apart
I found Instagram when I was 13. A decade ago, I started off taking pictures of myself for fun. A decade later, and I'm now a creator. I've been experimental in my journey as an artist. Tried a few disciplines, and fell in love with all of them. Hard. I'm currently on the same tangent, the only difference being; it's much deeper.

This pandemic has caused a lot of economic imbalance and panic. And I was there, still am. Scrolling through, looking for new jobs, checking my savings account, and brainstorming how to manage all of this chaos. But at the same time, I feel like it's time I dive into creativity. To experiment with this way of life. Test the waters and see if I can create and earn my income through it. Imagine not dreading to go to work. To do what I love. THE VERY IDEA IS THRILLING.

I'm going to kick-start selling prints very, very soon. And eventually branch out into selling other forms of artwork. I'm so happy to see so much of support on here and for @thenudeabstract. Thank you so much for your time, energy, support and love. I am grateful. I always will be. 🙏

Also if you're an artist wondering how to sell prints/wanting to sell them. Check @cream.town out. They created a platform to help artists make an income and are working so hard to make sure the process is smooth. They're launching their online website at 19:00 AEDT. If you've got resources, please share them. This can range from donating to simply following and sharing this page.

Let's do our best to make our dreams come true.

I love you.
Tie a knot with it, build something intricate with it, curl them into a fist, box with it. The choices are endless, but these hands are yours.
Pitter patter
Can you feel the colour soft
To be devoured by the dark, is the sweetest pain you'll ever receive. You watch yourself scramble to collect more of you, hunting for fragments of yourself to feed and surrender to. The juxtapose of giving, in hopes of quenching your thirst to be seized.

Taken by @deanraphael with @hara_thelabel
Wiping my slates clean because I want to cultivate.

Everyday, I find myself growing a bit restless. Itching to create and pour expression through varied structures and disciplines. I want to grow and explore what's within, and to do that I require to be holding hands with my thoughts and passions.

I'm slowly listening to my thoughts and the forms I encompass.

In the process of letting go of the imposter syndrome, the pining assurance to be validated as an artist, and the preconceived notions that don't gel with my substance, I'm finally feeling a little less restless and a little more at peace.

I'd like to thank you for your support and encouragement throughout.
In a mood to demolish parts of myself, deconstruct, and shuffle a few pieces around. Today, I want to experiment with broken parts, satisfying urges I consider regressive and take a step back.


I don't know. But it feels right. It feels right to recede. I'm filled with a medley of thrill, joy and disappointment. I know the journey isn't always forward for me. And I  want to allow that. The notion of going backwards is against all of what I believed lies in progress. But today, the urge of dwindling teaches a new experience. It brings me peace.
To all the women who have empowered, supported, loved and lived. 
Thank you. I love you. Happy Women's Day.
Open your lungs, and dream deep
My strings succumb to your touch as you slowly peel off a layer of my well moulded guard with my underwear. You scratch the inside of my thighs and I unfurl like an umbrella in slow motion. I feel your soft, damp hair touch my neck when you press your face close to mine and kiss my cheek. Like a saxophone my back arches and my toes curl as you play me like a harp and my toes curl, as you softly whisper sweet things into my ear and watch me throb in this medley of agony and pleasure. My soul almost leaves my body as you softly press me twice. 
And then, it rains.