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when I was 18 this guy named Rusty saw me at a college showcase and thought I had potential to be a commercial songwriter. I wasn’t the best and I definitely wasn’t ready but he went on a gut feeling and added me to the most incredible publishing family. our company is closing its doors to join forces with another - it’s an amazing opportunity but it’s also the end of a beautiful era so we had to skip town and celebrate ❤️ THiS Music, you’re the only place I’ve ever known and I’m so proud to say I was a part of you... also shoutout to the red sneakered photobomber who will never know how special the group of people he is forever in a picture with is ❤️
Y’all thought I was cool and emo and whimsically broken but the jig is up. This is the real me. This is what I do when I’m by myself. I give you... “The Buttcracker” starring The Weisband girls plus Mac #hohohomerrychristmas
that shot was obviously rough
been drinking coffee in Prague the last week and a half. will bombard you with vacay pics soon cause I know you’re dying to see them 🤪 lol jk but seriously I hope everyone had the merriest of Christmases with the people you love and utilized your sassy grandparents for viral TikTok attempts ❤️🎄happy birthday J
I’m dreaming of a Prague christmas... except this one was the only one I’ve ever known ❄️🎄💋🦅 #thiscaptionisstupid
hey look, when ur cousin gets a rocket for Christmas at grandmas y’all rally and drive down to the park to launch it k?
more ponytails 2020?
i lived in my house for a year before my neighbor and I actually met, but after many morning porch coffee chats and evening porch wine debriefs this girl has become like a big sister to me - love you Diana! So much fun celebrating you and Adam, you were a beautiful New Years bride 😍 @misssukiii
drunk & blurry dance floor laughs ✨
😭so proud of this guy and this song. thank you for letting me be a part @samhuntmusic 😭🦅
I was on a social media hiatus when this went live but one of my fav girls has a great series called “Tea with TT” where we drink tea as we spill it haha... anyway we talked about faith, sexuality, fame and a bunch of other taboo things that would make my wonderful grandmother very uncomfortable but I’ll leave the link in the bio in case you’re down 🦅 here’s my heart: there is NOTHING  you have to DO to be pleasing to the God who created you, like a father loves their kid, you are loved. Questions aren’t bad, in fact He loves them because it gives Him an opportunity to reveal His wonderful mysteries to his kids who wanna see them. Don’t let the long Christian laundry list of rules stand in your way of finding out who God really is. Church is just a bunch of imperfect humans trying to figure it out too ❤️ and follow my girl TT! @_tianagidley
tomorrow I head to LA to do what I do best and write some Emily songs - in honor of new music 2020 here is a compilation of very serious vids on my phone from the making of Identity Crisis. I have a lot of new stuff to say. New joy, new wisdom, new pain... so cheers to another chapter of blurting out what everybody else is thinking but can’t say out loud. I plan on makin y’all proud 😈🦅💋