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I’m always asked how I manage my time with juggling a business, being in school, traveling, training, social life and etc. Part of it is due to managing time BUT a lot of it has to do with valuing your time. I don’t waste my own time so I sure as hell don’t allow certain situations or others to take away from it. This may come off offensive to some, or even harsh. But for those who have a similar value system can relate. To put in other words, if people treated their time like they treated money, IM SURE they would be a lot more attentive and selective with it. That being said, treat Monday like any other day of the week. It’s the same 24 hours...how you think of them will largely affect what you do with them. 
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No matter how long it takes, I continue to work on my weaknesses until they become my biggest strengths. Everyone's goal should revolve around things that make them a better human at the end of the day. Often, those things require discomfort, change and courage. Take your training outdoors and push yourself beyond what you're used to. I'm pushing through my training all winter long with @underarmourwomen's #UAColdGear 🔥🔥 #PushYourSelf #Evolve
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Over the years I’ve learned many things but if there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s that life is all about love. Giving and receiving. This thanksgiving was extra special, thanks to my evolve nation family. We came, we laughed, we cried, we kicked ass and we left stronger than ever. This is what it is and will always be about: connecting, learning, having fun and constantly evolving in the process. I love you guys so much and cant wait to connect with more of you! 
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There will be good days and there will be bad days. But there should never be a day that you don’t try your best and that’s all you have to remember. Sometimes we get discouraged because we’re fixated on a result and when we don’t see it, we lose “motivation”. But in actuality, each day you put in effort, you are instantly gaining a better mindset which translates into who you are. Therefore, you should work hard every day because you can and because you choose to. This type of mindset will get you to show up on those hard days and will take you much further in life. Give this functional workout a try and check out @underarmourwomen’s new release. I love how stretchy and supportive the material is! #UASeamlessBra #UAPartner @UnderArmour #Evolve 
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Whether you want to transform your body, better the relationships in your life, create a ‘self-driven’ attitude or live a happier life in general, the first place you must start is your mindset. Positive change occurs when your perspective does.The gym is the perfect place to condition your mindset. The same way you talk yourself through your workouts, is the same way you can talk to yourself through emotional stress or overcoming poor habits. A resilient mind will always project a resilient body and life. Your body will achieve, what your mind can perceive. Read this again and share it with a friend. 
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Leaning out your stomach area as well as strengthening it requires functional movements! Here’s a circuit with a few exercises that will target ALL your muscle groups with proper form. Run through this circuit 3x 20-30 seconds each. If you’re advanced, push for more time. 
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I do it because I want to live the best life I possibly can and help others achieve the same. I want to be here for the long haul and if there’s anything I can do to enhance my quality of life, I’m doing it. My goal is to wake up every day feeling amazing: mind, body and soul. I want to wake up so energized and full of life that can’t anything or anyone slow me down. I want to wake up every day feeling strong and proud of who I hold myself to be. I want to encourage and educate you all to change the trajectory of your lives and take control of your health.  We can’t rely on anyone else to fulfill our lives or heal our bodies. And even with all that said, life happens, sickness happens but I’d rather give myself a fighting chance. 
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You guys have been asking for more bts of my workouts so here’s one of my staple leg workout routines. One important aspect of my training is “functionality”. So whether I’m doing a powerlifting or bodybuilding structured workout, I always add functional exercises as supersets. 
For this workout, I trained power with compound lifts (Sumo and Romanian deadlifts) and strength endurance with the banded squats, kettlebell swings and sprints. The order you see with the slides, is the order of my workout. Back to back with no rest until the full set is complete. Rest for 1-3 minutes and repeat 3-5x. You’ll love this one 🔥 
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My goal has always been to expose myself to the unknown and adapt as best as I could. In the process, I struggled a lot but I always stood back up—And that is the key to growth. Remember this while you’re committing to new personal and professional goals. Be resilient. Be More. #EvolveNation ♾
Carrying women to their highest selves! 👸Help those around you and build a powerful circle that will be there to push you through life’s advertises. You get what you give. We are strongest when we are together. #strongertogether #evolvenationfam 
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TOTAL BODY 🥵🔥 The best way to burn fat and not lose muscle is to do hiit training. Not only are you not sacrificing your mass gains but you’re also saving time in the gym. That being said, make sure you’re keeping your heart rate high and your rest as minimal as possible during the circuit so you get the most out of it...this circuit was so much fun 😍

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Beast Mode 😤
Hitting these hiit workouts back to back in preparation for @underarmour 2020 3-Day Human Performance Summit this coming week! I’m so ready for the challenges and growth that awaits—stay tuned on my stories to see what it’s all about!
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