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Frauke - made in Germany🏕
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Morning walks around places close to home. 🍂
Throwback to one of my favorite days on the lofoten islands. Started this hike with heavy winds and hail pouring down on us. Arrived at the beach and almost wanted to turn around just when the sky opened up and rewarded us with the dreamiest calm sunset. 💕🇳🇴
If this is a dream don’t wake me up☁️
Favorite memories from exploring my home away from home: Canada. If you guys didn’t know I used to live in Vancouver on a work and travel Visa after school. 😊 Biggest thank you to @klm for making this journey possible once again. I fly with them quite often and always sleep like a baby as soon as we are above the clouds. They also celebrated their 100th anniversary a couple months back and give you ideas and tips on how to fly more responsible. Definitelyworth taking a look at: ✈️ (Werbung)
Hey Iceland, what’s cracking? ✨🥶 channeling my inner Elsa today and dreaming about snow covered landscapes. ❄️
Somewhere high above the clouds☁️✨
I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.🌲
Beautiful Braies. ✨ Crazy how empty this place is once you walk away a couple feet from the boat house.
Just realized that fall has come to an end. Already dreaming about camping and hiking season. ✨
Golden sunsets in Georgia ✨ Arrived back home last night but already miss the variety of landscapes this country has to offer. 🗺 See you again! @georgiatravel #georgiatravel #georgiatravelmoments (Werbung)
The mountains were my first love and to this day my heart starts beating faster when they appear on the horizon while driving down south.🏔 Nothing is permanent and things change, I hope this feeling doesn’t. ✨
Dreamed about this place for years and years since I first saw images of it on tumblr back in I think 2014 😅 last year I finally got the chance to visit and oh wow pictures never do a place justice.✨
Boy, don't call me angel ain't from no Heaven ☁️✨🪐
To this day one of the bluest lakes I got to lay my eyes on. ✨
“This is for anybody going through times Believe, been there, done that But everyday above ground is a great day, remember that” ☁️🪐
Sunrises. ✨ I thrive from living by the moon, going to bed at 3am and sleeping until noon, but sunrises to have such a magical appeal to them that every now and then I can’t resist watching the world awake 🏔
Some places carry so many good memories, this is one of them. ☺️✨ Starting the first chapter of the new decade with good thoughts and even better habits. 📖💪🏼🥕🏔 For me, this year is about self-care, healing, making a positive impact and focusing on all the good things life has to offer. 🌈
Alright, this is gonna get cheesy. Instead of showing you my top 10 pleases I’ve been to this year how about this: The last quarter of this year was the absolute worst of my life so far. Things happened that just made my life fall apart and made me want to give up. I will not go into detail here but I am on a good road that will lead to a cheerful me again. I did learn a lot this year, strangers became friends and friends became strangers. However I am just incredibly grateful to have met some wonderful human beings. So this one is for you, no particular order. 💛🌟 1. @sabinkabednar you’re one of the very few girl friends I have and you’re a smart boss lady which is why I’m so proud to call you a friend! 🐶 2. @pelle.faust buddy you just get me and our connection has never been stronger. 💙 carb bros for life and I am so thankful to have you! @lotter_live haven’t known you for a long time but you make me giggle every time so you’re the fun friend I needed this year! Thank you! 3./4. @braybraywoowoo you’re nuts and I love you for that! 🦥 @ryanresatka so are you and I miss your face and ironic jokes 🤖 @karl_shakur I hope you marry your girl and move to Austria so we can hang more often, love you and your cheerful personality 💙 5. Here’s to a bunch of people I haven’t known for a long time but really hope to see more often next year! ✨ 6. @wildbonde you’re the proof that chasing adventure never stops. I hope your car makes it to Europe 😛 7. @stevenweisbach you’re practically my neighbor, the fittest person I know and I am so thankful that we celebrated Christmas together this year 💛 8. @kuhrmarvin obviously you’re in here 🤷🏼‍♀️ you thought me to enjoy the little moments more and always know how to make me giggle even if life is rough. That means more than you might think. 9. @evolumina what do you want me to say? The last two years weren’t just an epic adventure, they were also really tough ones. You’re my teacher in life and I honestly don’t know where I’d be without you. Even though I don’t want to admit it, most of the time you do have a point. We’ve had a really good time and I’m thankful for every memory I have of you. Bye 2019!🎆
Head in the clouds, feet on the ground. ☁️ haven’t really been on the road like I used to for a while now. Feels good to charge my inner batteries and reflect on the year. A well needed break, but already longing for summer and sleeping under the stars again.✨🪐
Say you'll remember me Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset babe✨
Frozen Iceland from above.🍦
Let the storm rage on The cold never bothered me anyway ❄️
Always wanted to see my favorite place of the lofoten islands during winter. This year I finally put on my spikes and climbed the frozen summit. 🥶
Life is like a mirror. If you smile at it, it smiles back. 🙃
Felt like the layers of mountains would stretch into infinity and beyond. 🏔 One of my favorite places in @soelden.official can’t wait to be back in the summer to explore more by foot. (Werbung)
Lofoten Islands greeting us with their wildest winds howling 🌬 Feels good to get out there and feel the cold rain on your face. Feels even better to warm up and get cozy at @solsidenbrygge afterwards. 🦀
Sometimes everything falls into place, just like that day we visited Vancouver and got greeted with a beautiful morning rain. ☔️ Enjoyed a big cup of hot chocolate afterwards which made it a perfect morning. 🍫
One of my favorite rainy memories. 🌲 We may or may not have hiked this trail two times because a special someone accidentally formatted the SD card due to lack of sleep.🤫 Turned out to be a wonderful mistake. Second time up here was so beautiful and special due to the low hanging mist and rain giving the place a special feeling.☔️
When life gets blurry adjust your focus. 📷 Spend a couple days both active and relaxing in @soelden.official again. This time I got to experience the mountains with a big blanket of snow covering them. Stay tuned for more! 🏔 (Werbung)
No rain, no flowers. 🌼 Full of hope today. Stay positiv everybody, we got this 💛
Throwback to my first time flying a drone in Iceland 🇮🇸 this place is really special, seeing it from above only added to the experience. Shot on the @djiglobal Mavic Mini. (Werbung)
One of my very first times at this place when sunrise was quiet and peaceful. Missing this. ✨ Do you have a place you can’t get to seem out of your head?
Sakura 🌸 I had dreamed of seeing this short wonder in Japan with my own eyes this year. 🇯🇵 Due to everything that obviously didn’t happen. However: took a walk around the local park, brought my camera and a tripod and while getting lost in the fun of taking pictures for a moment I completely forgot that I wasn’t in Japan. Make the best out of this time, get creative, stay awake and keep doing what you’re passionate about. ✨ #shotonlexar #lexarambassador @lexarmemory (Werbung) 🌸
Found the perfect cabin to spend weeks of self-isolation in. 🌲Besides watching your favorite TV shows, trying new recipes and getting a lot of sleep, how about taking a trip down memory lane through your camera roll? 📸 The folks from @staystoriesapp launched their Relive Travel contest where you can win one of 3 iphones and 7 airpods, for simply sharing your stay experience. All you need to do is upload stories from your stays as Airbnb’s, Hotels etc to Stay Stories app. You probably have them on your phone anyways, so why not make use of them. 🏠 Head over and follow the link in my stories to find out more. #relivetravel #stayhome #besafe #stayhealthy, #stayhomechallenge (Werbung)
Diving in head first 🦑
I. Miss. This.🌼
Ah this place and the memories. Feels like the last years were just rushing past but some moments stick to your mind like honey. 🍯 Was thinking about where I would like to go when things have calmed down. A couple new places are really high on the list but then I remembered that Canada and the US have stolen my heart every time I went. So tumblr 🤍 And I feel like my physical fitness is getting pretty decent compared to last summer when it definitely was at its worst. Eating crap, sitting in a car and not getting much sleep really adds up. 🦦Learned my lesson and can’t wait to eventually drain those highly overcharged batteries a little bit. ⚡️🏔
Crossing bridges 🍃 I think suspension bridges are one of my favorite things to shoot. The way the wind makes them swing is fascinating. Would you cross this bridge or rather walk through the valley?
Longing for hikes above the clouds ☁️ the time will come again and I can’t wait until it’s there. 🤍
Sitting. Waiting. Wishing. 🌿✨ I miss adventures like this one. I’ve avoided going through old images and footage for now because I’m very messy when it comes to file organization 😅 guess today is the day, let’s see what I can find. Pretty sure I have some completely untouched folders on all those hard drives. And finally found a good place close to home for a picture I’ve had in mind for a while. 🌸
Speak through the flowers 🌸🌈 Kind of nice to focus on places close to home this year, even if I really do miss camping and road tripping. Hopes still high some camping will be possible this year ☺️ until then here are some self portraits from last Friday 🌸
An imaginary bar of Toblerone chocolate for everybody who can tell me what mountain this is 🍫🏔
Sweet memories from Raincouver ☔️
From a morning that felt completely unreal. ☁️ Hiked through a thick layer of clouds at night to see the sun kiss the Swiss mountains 🏔 sometimes I wish clouds would be like pillows and you could just jump around on them and dive in like those big pools that gymnasts use for training 🤸🏼‍♀️ you know what I mean right?
Went through old images on my hard drive yesterday and might have shed a tear or two thinking about how wonderful this summer road trip was. 🌞 I really miss my friends but am also very thankful that we live in a time where Skype and facetime are so common. With being on the road a lot less it actually feels like I have more time and have developed stronger friendships. Just a little light in those dark times. Can’t wait to finally hug my friends when this is all over though. 🏔
Sweet sweet summer memories.🍯 If I had to choose a favorite place in Italy this one would be very high on the list. How about you?
If I ever decide to settle, remind me to build a cabin by the lake so mornings can start this way. @wildbonde 9/10 for the form, 11/10 for the memories from that road trip! 🙏🏼
Corners of the earth. 🦋
One of the very few pics I took of this place. I thought I would just shoot a quick sunrise the next day. Woke up and the car, valley and mountains were all covered in snow. Earth is strange sometimes. 👽
In case you needed a little extra scoop of happiness today. 🌻 Can you spot my little butterfly friend following me? 🦋✨
Sakura in Germany. Feels like falling into a Japanese painting. 🇯🇵🌸
Throwback to wildfires in Canada. 🇨🇦 You could smell them, see them, sometimes even taste the ashes. When they started to settle down we were left with a layer of smoke in the air which gave a special feel to this already magical place. 🗺🛶