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I love you guys soooooo much @ayomusic #jj #healingmusicformama#billieeve ❤️😂😂😂
Repost from @kimberlydurdin - Thank you all for holding space for my mom’s healing. She is in hospital being cared for. I’m going call this her “Wellness Retreat” because this experience has been an invitation to more life and more love. Please continue to pray for her, she says she feels all of your prayers and presence! My brothers and my Auntie are holding it down for Omi and with her everyday. She is in ICU so that she can rest and focus on her healing. Thank you all for your love💕💕💕💕
If a 6 turned out to be a 9
I wouldn’t mind...🧜🏾‍♂️
💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔. If you would indeed behold the spirit of death, open your heart wide unto the body of life.

For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one. 
In the depth of your hopes and desires lies your silent knowledge of the beyond;

And like seeds dreaming beneath the snow your heart dreams of spring. 
Trust the dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity -K.G.
What a surprise blessing .. I needed a inspirational break so I headed across the street to the theatre just to find my very first Acting teacher The Esteemed Mr.Johnnie Hobbs Jr. in the Lead roll!! Back in the day I was just an annoying kid at Freedom Theatre but he kept at me. Tonight he is on fire as Thurgood Marshall till Feb 7.  Philly get out and get some true American Hero Story !! LIVE Theatre is where it’s at!! #dramaforyourmama
Bonne Année my peoples🌸 May 2020 bring you continued Success May the ancestors lift you up and may the great spirit Light your path with peace and joyous gatherings 💜#always 📷 @rebeccablanclelouch
Visualize this Matriarch Queen , Selma Eugenia Durdin see her Healthy Wealthy Wise & Full of all the Positive Powerful Golden Light of God and reflecting all the true beauty of Nature. Regard her beauty and send her your Good Vibrations #healingcircle #godisawoman #guardianangels #elemiah
#fbf Tribe goals 🌸 @tounche_summit #godisawoman
Calculated risks and big payoffs #saintsandsinners
Yo @christianscottofficial and @keyonharrold lil Solal is comin up on ya ☺️ watch out
Les Puces🌸 #djangoreinhardtlives
Happy Holidays 🌲 and Peace on Earth to all Gods strange and beautiful creatures 🌸💜🌸🙏🏾
🙌🏾 Sunday Blessings🌸💜🌸 #mosthigh
🎥 @sebjaniak 🌍⭐️
You are a gift💜  #drsebi
Bonny&Clyde style💣 it’s like a breath of new brilliance finding great talent like @savvasdmichael & @loistallulah when the writing and direction and Acting is 🔥🔥🔥 it’s like painting by numbers🎨#saintsandsinners #wickedcast #stellarcrew #amazingstory @stevenberkoff_ @jayduff10 @adamdeaconsworld @jamie_crew
I couldnt have asked for a better place to stay in Millom England than @herdwickshaverigg while we shot the #saintsandsinners Film 🎥everyone so warm and friendly and full of great Brit humour🌸 tell em i sent ya #homeawayfromhome 💜
Fr doe 🐅  @unlimitedknowledge
11 backwards is still 11
Way too short but super sweet stay at possibly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever landed @21nettleton in Cape Town 🌼 absolute Majestic views , warm staff and excellent food 🌸it’s a must see on your travel list , special thanks to Dirk 🙏🏾 and of course super @swaady_martin 💜 #imstillthereinspirit
What can I say about this new family of free thinkers and mama earth protectors 🌸 @tounche_summit it’s taken me a week to get acclimated back into City Life, I think my spirit is wondering why I ever left...💜
Solar Return 💫 🌸🙏🏾💜
Full Moon Tonight 🌕🐺 📷 @andreasbranchphotography
Reflections on this past weekend in Cape Town @tounche_summit
My new crew🌸 @selene.saintaime @kora_kan_
Where am I going?  Well I’ve touched down at a few cities on this trip including Istanbul , later today I’ll be in Bamako to play #bamakojazzfestival All on @turkishairlines #theyevenmadespaceformyguitar 🌸
#cheicktidianeseck will roast you💥 he don’t play games 👊🏾🖤he eats riddims🔥🔥 #bamakojazzfestival #leguerrier @inna_most smashing the skins👹 worth the long flight
You really have no idea how much insane ridiculous  pleasure and infinite blessings I get from playing music with this group of people.. but maybe you can be me in this post for a minute💜 #cheicktedianesek @Somi music 🌸
This one right here @vieuxfarkatouredoc 🌸🖤#malibluesman 🇲🇱
Golden hour sunset playing in Ali Farka Touré’s house with his two sons... beyond priceless 🇲🇱 #stay swipe to see my Musical Family #chiecktedianesek @toumanidiabatemusic @somimusic @vieuxfarkatouredoc
Special thanks to Serkan Ozbuyukyoruk & Fata Ouattara @turkishairlines for getting me to Mali 🇲🇱🤙🏾 #safeandsound
When you come to Mali🇲🇱 make sure you come stay at @azalaihotels great staff great food and it’s owned by Africans💜👊🏾 thank you Safia🌸 #maliunited
💫. R/p @gentlemanmodern
Happy indigenous people day🍁🌽🏹.
I have no words for this horrible tragedy, Cousin Dino you always lit up the room. Keep running my G, and light up the big room. You are an ancestor now💜
Cocky huh👀
SuperMagic Ecstatic & #lifeinmarveloustimez 🖤☝🏾
All you cats talkin shit about stacks and gats and takin n**s out on some piss stained street corner? Ima tell you straight .. you ain’t shit , you work for the MF government , this the only real Gangster right here  @ronfinleyhq 👊🏾🌸#youheardme @summit
Cody Two Bears from Standing Rock rolls up on me yesterday on route to a meeting with the Elder Chiefs from the tribes in the Amazon. Pops is over it, we are destroying his home and many of us don’t even realize it’s the whole planet that is about to suffer, 10 years time it could all be farmland for a bunch of walking hamburgers for a few glutinous folks while our children will be dealing with the aftermath. I’m smiling in the pics only because I’m proud to be standing with these chiefs but honestly I’m concerned af with the hyper capitalism I see that has led us to this dismal reality. Special thanks to @brehschultz for putting this together @summit #rethinknatural #buildagreenworld #eatgreen #savetheamazonrainforest #supportindegenousculture thank you to @summit for this amazing platform to support change @survivalinternational
Some many amazing moments this weekend at the @summit fest. So many heros and héroïnes that in order to share them and get off the social media and back to my life I’ll just make a quick recap post. Thank you #kevinvilkin for this beautiful experience @robertfsmith2019 @traceeellisross @blackgirlsrock #rosalindbrewer💗 so many more that I will post about later #thanksforthesharings
@djmaseo reminded me what I need to tell Every DJ in the world that you owe it all to the one and only @djflash4eva grandmasterflash nobody was mixing beats, scratching and he even invented the cross fader you use 🖤👊🏾🐐
✌🏾NYC till next time 🖤
Sign the petition  #checkthefactswithus #thismanisinnocent @leemerrittesq @shaunking
2020 #redemptiondaymovie 🦅
🖤 love biking in the rain 🌂
Rest in Power Pops @johnnywitherspoon beautiful tribute by @chuckstyless 🌸🙏🏾🌸
Savin the world one freak at a time 🤡 #halloween2019
☔️ #pfw 📷@neskokevin
Rest in Power Goddess 🌸💜🌸 @thediahanncarroll such a blessing and a gift to have worked with you #quality moments 🙏🏾
Homies 🖤👊🏾
PSG vs Real Madrid #psgfans  #psgrocks 3-0
Always feel good around my Mali Family🌸❤️🖤💚#cheickhtedieneseikh @guimbatamba @amadouetmariam and more 💥🔥🔥 live at Bercy paris this Saturday !!
This one is for all those people that think I’m crazy when I speak of corporate greed and the damage being done #allmyfriendsarecrazytoo
@mattjonesmusick putting it down in the studio. 📹 @pierremangeard
Just before I screw everything up😂 a night for MALI💚💛❤️ #malimusic #chiekhtedieneseik #habibekouyate @guimbatamba #teardropsonmyguitar🎸
Lookin out for each other #buddies @skydogsanctuary 🌸🖤🌸
Welcome 💜 Great Nephew Amanu Mosley Brown aka Captain Equinox 🚀 #shortyslilbro
Merci🌸🙏🏾🌸 @agnesb_officiel #angeladavispin 🖤✊🏾
Happy Solar Return Amma🌸 love you💜 #maygodblessyoualways🙏🏽
@agnesb_officiel classics 🌸good vibrations great artists and a great time.... yes i know 💜 I met Isabel 😏
She didn’t even think that they could hear her, with all the cacophony and layers among the legions of angels, ohh but they were listening, and no one here on this earth plane could imagine spiritual beings of such high ranking to have such envy of us  for having witnessed her grace.. ohh but they they took her💜. #jessyenorman. R/p @deborahcox
Indigenous people day💜
Go ahead try to Put me in a box😏
A great pleasure playing for the fondazione Mazzoleni and quite an Honor to receive an award in beautiful Venice Italy 💚🙏🏾❤️ mille grazie 🌸
Ohh Solo Me Ohhhh 🦁 top and bottoms @agnesb_officiel
I hope this earth goddess @mariarbravo is having the greatest Solar Return celebration after this beautiful evening supporting the @globalgiftfoundation 🌸
I cannot watch this without overflowing with emotion 🏹 leader you are now our ancestor, thank you for your commitment to truth and justice we will always be listening and speaking your name #ElijahCummings  R/p @janetjackson
🕶👓 spec love
This genius stand up assasin @robertglasper has the dopest bolodex (black star phone list-yeah I just made that shit up ) in the Jazz Funk hip hop universe he hitting MFs with the illest nights @bluenotenyc this one was dedicated to the 🐐 #royhargrove  alll thé homies playing together in the most harmonious and loving tribute one could feast your ears upon #welldonecomedian #stillbuzzin 💫
Slept late today🤡
What goes on 🐾
Lafayette for the W!!! Good times with Bird and crew 🌸 #seniors2020 #goleopards🐆
I found a ninja boy in the building 🌸💜🌸 #littleluu #halloween