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Giving is better than receiving. On my special day Bday. I hate disappointment so I expect nothing. But I give unto you my new music banger ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️🎼Borley‼️ General Sharpiro ft @articlewani on all music platforms. ‼️YouTube link in my Bio ‼️. Let’s make history. Happy Bday to Moi, enjoy my gift and words of art.  #afrobeats #afromusic #nwe #ghanamusic #chopdaily #empawa100 #mtv #applemusic @oldmanebro @majorlazer @power1051 @mtvbaseafrica @mtv @applemusic @afrodance_to_the_world  Link to video
That within me is greater. Steady as a rock. My music 🎼 will steadily rock your world .
Azonto Fever🎼 touch down 🇬🇧London init. We Having tea with the queen this morning ☕️🥛song 🎼Azonto Fever  generalsharpiro ft @therealdjflex .  Dancers 💃🏾 @mixzy_dancer  @happyfeet.99 #afrobeatsdance #afrobeat #nwe #chopdaily #ghanamusic #4sytetv  @hot97 @mtvbaseafrica @power1051 @applemusic @oldmanebro @majorlazer @delayghana
When the weight and base of my beat drops it vibrates deeps inside, make u go bonkers. Gravitational force of music u can deny.
All work and no play and suddenly song🎼 Azonto Fever. Drops General sharpiro ft @therealdjflex 🔥. 💃🏾 by @kiara__castle @laylucha @_desire.x.  #nwe #chopdailykids #chopdaily #ghanamusic #afrobeats #afropunk #dancechallenge #dancers @4sytetv @hot97 @power1051 @mtvbaseafrica @mtv @oldmanebro @applemusic @majorlazer @delayghana
In case u been sleeping on me . This year my goal is to put 10000 wats speakers nxt to ur ear and blow ur medulla out of ur skull 😂😂Azonto Fever #chaskele ‼️Catch the fever. #‼️disturbing ur peace‼️
My Opaque shades on, u can’t see my vision, can’t kill my mission. My head phones on blast. Can’t hear sh** 😂all I hear is song- Azonto Fever 🎼 by @generalsharpiro ft @therealdjflex 💃🏾 @dhatboyaj @afro_mvmnt #afrobeats #afrodancers #afropunk #ghanamusic #zionfelixdotcom #chopdailykids #chopdaily #nwe #dancechallenge #danceacademy @mtvbaseafrica @hot97 @power1051 @oldmanebro @applemusic @delayghana
Killed ur doubts, my goal now is not to proof if I can do it, but my mission is to keep that surprises look on ur face. Song -🎼Azonto Fever @generalsharpiro ft @therealdjflex 💃🏾by @mr_shawtyme32 and @_nigerianjawn  #afrodance #africandance #nwe #chopdailykids #chopdaily #ghanamusic #ghanamusicawards #dancemoms #dancers #dancechallenge #danceacademy @mtvbaseafrica @hot97 @power1051 @oldmanebro @djwallah @majorlazer @delayghana
Got my Haters block on u can’t see my vision u can’t kill my mission. Ghana are you ready. We on Heat like the tropics🔥
Don’t know where u goin if u don’t know where you from. 🇬🇭My Trip to Ghana, to the roots been very productive got a suprise for you. stay tuned! Got a banger for u🎼 coconutely refreshing😜
I Miss Ghana already . Memory shots . Ghana . Home is a place u always feel welcome
Always on the run
HAPPY BDAY to my super Mum  @ 70. Thank you my super hero, Blessings for breakfast, peace for lunch and long life for dinner. I love you