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Crows and EV chargers... Images from the green Wild West.
HyperObject Industries is now officially producing podcasts with @3uncanny4. So excited to work with Adam Davidson and Laura Mayer. @davidsonadam
Excited to announce our new company HyperObject Industries. We will produce film, episodic, and podcasts that hopefully dive face first into our current insane world. #hyperobjects #adammckay #hbo
Did Why is this Happening podcast with @chrislhayes and @omar_el_akkad. Truly fascinating, enjoyable and sometimes stark conversation with two original, brilliant people. It’s up on ITunes now.
What an enjoyable and fascinating conversation about global warming, mythology and story telling. Thank you to @chrislhayes and Omar el Akkad for including me. #globalwarming #chrishayes #fossilfuels #extinctionrebellion #americanwar
This is my view for the next 5 weeks. Fortunately that’s the great and legendary editor Hank Corwin. And @nicholasbritell came in today.
Shame on @CNN and @nytimes for zero questions in the Dem debate about the greatest threat to mankind in history. The climate crisis is an extinction level event happening right now and no questions are asked? Disgraceful and most of all, dangerous. #demdebate #extinctionrebellion #democraticdebate #globalwarming #stopfossilfuels
Check out the season finale of Succession tonight. Here’s a pic from the filming of the pilot 3 years ago. #successionhbo #cousingreg
It’s really hard for me to remember that despite the crazy news cycle and the US govt teetering, truly all that matters is that we stop putting CO2 into the atmosphere. That’s it. #extinctionrebellion #gretathunberg #stopfossilfuels
Two stories of women who were manipulated by Jeffrey Epstein - with very different results. Episode 4 is out now.
Justice will prevail. And if it doesn’t the criminals can always go on Dancing With the Stars. Here’s convicted money launderer Tom Delay shaking a tail feather!
Never in my lifetime has there been TWO viable progressive Presidential candidates like we have now in #berniesanders and #elizabethwarren Both don’t accept big money and both are dedicated to fighting global warming and providing opportunity for all. And both are Wall Street, big oil and the billionaires worst nightmare.