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Sometimes all we want is to be able to run away from ourselves. -
We run mentally; doing drugs and drinking to numb ourselves out of our bodies. -
We run physically; country, and city hopping around the world. -
We run emotionally; by diving into relationships, or feigning connection through sex. -
We run spiritually; seeking out faith for help. -
During all the turmoil there may be a split second of time that you get to sit with the soul you're trying so desperately to rid yourself of, and in that instance, I hope you can smile. -
Smile at the joy that is this beautiful life. Smile because as much as you may want it to be over, you may realize, in your last moments, you absolutely loved every second of it, no matter how much of a mess it may have been.🌱✨
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Dear Japan, -
I miss your rice snacks, your onsen’s, your snow, and your ryokans already. -
Thank you for sharing your culture with me, it was a trip I’ll never forget. #jaane #japan -
Once upon a time there was a little girl that dreamed of traveling the world. -
She didn’t care much about fancy things, she wanted to run through the woods with her hair blowing in the wind. She wanted to swim naked and dance under the full moon. She loved to be barefoot, and sun kissed, and she didn’t mind the scratches and scars she acquired from days of adventuring. To her they told the story of her life, and she wore them like badges of honor. -
PC @lifeinanimage
I haven’t felt much like communicating how i truly feel here lately. In all honesty I’m just hurting a lot and getting through the day has been hard enough without having to articulate it to put into a post for the world to hear. -
I’d love to say there’s a fine line between myself and this account but that’d be a lie. -
This space has held my whole heart in debatably oversharing text, photos, and videos for the length of it and for once i seem more inclined to share my sacred truths with those closest to me. -
I am using all the tools I’ve got though, and doing my best to be nice to myself. Something i think we could all do a little more of. 💙
@aloyoga sports capsule collection
My favorite place to be with my favorite company. See you next week Maui. ✈️💙🌈
#dogsoverhumans #anyday -
All the workout gear @aloyoga
Grace simply means that all your mistakes serve a purpose, instead of serving shame. - Mike Rusch
These humans. This life. 🌈🌱💙
Yesterday we got to participate in the largest reforestation project on the hawaiian islands currently. -
Endlessly grateful that i had the strength to follow my intuition but just as much so that i get to surround myself with this community in the process.💙 #somuchlove
What can i say? I didn’t expect this. -
I’m humbled and endlessly grateful for the evolution of this chapter of my life that leaves me surrounded by friends that feel like family, my heart full of their love, and a passion project that consoled me while i moved through one of the most painful experiences of my life. -
I’m honestly not sure where’d I’d be without the oils, my team, and the career shift that ignited a drive inside myself that i didn’t know i had. -
Thankful AF to be #1 in the company this year, a founder of the Prime Meridian health clinic initiative, and the grand prize winner of the Incentive trip. 💙
There is so much courage in letting go of what is no longer serving your highest self. -
Making space for shifts to naturally occur is giving yourself room to grow. -
Many people (including myself) talk about finding your passion but in my experience thus far in life, passions shift, change, and evolve, so finding your passion(s) is more accurate because life is an evolution.
Holding on to one thing may not serve the flow state to which we all hope to tap into to be able to gracefully flow through life with ease instead of holding on to something we thought we were meant to hold on to because it was/is our “passion.”
Don’t be afraid to let go and feel yourself fall all over again, it’s simply an opportunity to learn to fly. 🙌🏽
Did another thing I’ve never done before. #bangbang -
I think it’s time i reintroduce myself because a lot has changed in my life in the last 5 years and many of you have been here watching for a good portion of that time. -
My name is Hannah, and at some point along my journey i became obsessed with yoga and acroyoga. With no plan at all to build a following, and very little understanding of even what that meant, i organically began acquiring a massive number of people watching my life. -
This altered my path. I began creating content nonstop. My ‘push’ in my practices became more for the gram than out of actual desire to do such skills and i burnt out, but mostly, i recognized that i was holding on instead of allowing the free flow of life to determine what remains and should’ve been let go of. -
I thought i was doing well by staying with what was working but what was really happening was that i was grasping at a reality that was no longer for me. It’s been a hard year of transition but I’m feeling the weight of those attachments falling off and i feel like I’m finally starting to come home. I feel like me again. And i like me. I like myself even though i don’t do Mexican handstands anymore (although i may still bust a few out in extended hand to hand if the opportunity presents itself! 😉) and i like myself even though i no longer practice acro everyday. -
When we start to believe that we are only enough based on what we can do, or how many followers we have, or what our job title is, we grasp for those things, and energetically speaking, grasping only pushes that which you seek farther away. You will not have those things forever either way, so can you like who you are when all of that falls away?
This is me hiking over 20 miles on the last two days, because i find clarity in nature and solace in movement. 🚶🏼‍♀️🌋🌈
We understand deeply that life is a heartbreakingly beautiful series of goodbyes, hellos, triumphs, and disappointments and we feel most alive in the midst of transformation, courageously shedding our old skin to be birthed again, raw and new. -EJ -
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